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Church @ 109 on Sunday, Sept 1
Sunday morning on Sept 1 dawned bright and bitterly cold in Taupo, New Zealand, as we dressed to leave for the morning service at The Church@109.  Before leaving for New Zealand, we checked the internet for the nearest church and discovered this assembly located at No. 109 Heuheu Street in Taupo Town Centre.  When we drove around the town, it was easy to spot the church along that street, built with an interesting façade with its name emblazoned on it.

On arrival, we realised that they were celebrating Father’s Day that morning and the service was based on a “Fathers” theme. 
After the Breaking of Bread, there was a short message in the ministry while the children prepared themselves to present an action song, dedicated to their fathers.  It was a simple and refreshing morning service that closed with an invitation to warm up with some tea but we politely declined as we had plans to visit a few nearby sites. 

Flyer posted on the Noticeboard
As we were making our way out of the church, I looked around and my eyes fell upon the notice board on the wall next to the main door. 
At first I did not see the banner on top of the board that read, “MISSIONARY NOTICES” because I instantly recognised the familiar sight of the cover design of the Autobiography of Colleen M. Redit, Realising a Vision through Faith.  It was printed on a flyer and posted there next to information on how to place an order for it!

I saw the little flyer among the Missionary Notices
It was indeed a pleasant surprise to see that the book that I had worked on with Colleen Redit, the founder of Christian Missions Charitable Trust in Chennai, India, was being promoted and distributed in New Zealand. 
After the initial excitement, I recalled that New Zealand is her home country and her autobiography would be widely distributed here.  It then occurred to me that our book is also being promoted and distributed worldwide!

The book is distributed through various churches in Malaysia and my sister carried a copy along for her son who lives in Australia.  And while we were in Auckland Airport waiting for our flight back to Perth, I saw him reading it.


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