Seong Choon the seed carver

Tan Seong Choon presents his art as Hui Yi (Carving) Art
“They are not for sale.  I want them displayed in a showcase for everyone to enjoy.”

Tan Seong Choon discovered a hobby in carving avocado seeds when he carved a seed with his sushi knife during a break after serving customers at the sushi bar.  

Avocadoes are a key ingredient in California Rolls and other maki or rolled sushi in Japanese cuisine and this is how Seong Choon, now an executive chef with a Japanese restaurant, have access to avocado seeds.  

The interesting results from carving a face into the first seed led him to carve more seeds and over the years, he has over 300 intricately carved seeds in his collection.

Seong Choon and his wife, Ann, at the exhibition
His interest in wood carving sparked off back in 1995 when he found a short length of wood from a delivery box and carved it into a figurine.  

He would carve on any available piece of wood including a broken wooden broomstick from the restaurant before he discovered the joys of carving on avocado seeds.  

On a morning walk with his wife at the Pelangi Indah Park, they discovered that seeds from the shady millettia pinnata tree were also suitable for carving.  

His wife, Ann, who is his most ardent supporter, has a room in their home specially set aside to display her husband’s art. 

Customers at the restaurant where Seong Choon works are among the first people to admire his skillful carvings on avocado seeds.  

No two designs are alike as each seed is mounted on an interesting base of wood, stone, fruit skin or bark.  Last November, a collection of his art was showcased at a public event and when an artist friend saw them, he encouraged Seong Choon to exhibit again.  

Avocado seeds carved to represent members of Seong Choon's family, including their pet dog [3rd from Left in display]
His youngest daughter often encourages Seong Choon to carve popular characters like this!
Seong Choon [Left] carved a seed of the millettia pinnata tree to resemble the sculpture he bought
from stone sculptor, Mr Er Long [Right]

His art is presented as Hui Yi (Carving).

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