Souvenir book for Johor Chingay

Chingay Kuil Kuno Johor, a limited edition souvenir book on the history of this annual tradition of the Johor Gu Miao, was published to commemorate this year’s Johor Chingay festival.

A hardcover copy of the souvenir book for
Johor Chingay 2016 *
An editorial board assembled by the Johor Baru Tiong Hua Association worked hard to collate relevant information and a selection of photos to publish just 2000 copies of the souvenir book.

Published in three languages – English, Malay and Chinese – copies of this book are available from the JB Tiong Hua Association as well as the Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Cantonese and Teochew associations from today, February 28.

“This publication is distributed free-of-charge but freewill cash donations are welcome,” said JB Tiong Hua Association chairman, Datuk Seri Tey Kim Chai, who was also advisor to the editorial team for the publication.

He said cash donations will go to the Johor Gu Miao Foundation, a charity of the Johor Old Temple founded by Yap Yeen Min, the book’s chief editor.  Yap was recognised in last year’s Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards for his contributions to social work.

Tey said that while the charity, which started some 10 years, has helped more than 360 families, they also welcome applicants from the multi-racial community who need support.

The montage of cover photos on the souvenir book were by Kenny Seah and Tang King Huat while information research was contributed by the sub-committee of the Johor Old Temple or Kuil Kuno Johor and the Johor Baru Chinese Heritage Museum.

The layout design was by the team at Interesthink Sdn Bhd and members of the editorial team include Su King Siang, Lew Kee Keong (KK), Tony Wong Kok Poh, Shirley Lee, Yee Tuck Wee and Irene Chen Yeok Choo.

Chingay Kuil Kuno Johor was published in three languages,
English, Malay and Chinese, for the easy reference of
readers in our multi-racial community *
I had the privilege to contribute the English copy which was translated into Malay and Chinese by Jassmine Shadiqe and Mok Whui Ying, respectively.

Only 100 hardcover copies were published to present to royal guest-of-honour, the Sultan of Johor and other special guests at the Johor Chingay tonight.

“In addition to this souvenir book, the JB Tiong Hua Association also invites viewers to enjoy this year’s Chingay parade through live streaming telecast on,” said Tan Chai Puan, a cultural activist and co-founder of the art of the 24 Festive Drums.

Tan, an associate editor of the book along with Lim Kong Yong and Koh Lian Lee, was proud that the association was able to assemble a number of Johor talents and sponsors to participate in a host of activities organised for this year’s Chingay festival.

Since the Johor Chingay was documented by various Asian television broadcasting companies, Tan discovered that China’s Phoenix television station had produced several videos of the Johor Chingay parade that are available for viewing on the YouTube channel.

He said these videos, which showed some of China’s top scholars discussing the cultural value of the Johor Chingay, reminded him of the importance of Johor’s annual tradition to the Chinese not only in our local community but also to a global audience.

*Photo credit: Hanks Lai

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