Splashing fun at Spritzer Slide the City

Clear skies, puffy clouds and bright sunshine – perfect weather for outdoor fun when Spritzer Slide the City was in Johor Baru last weekend.

Participants of all ages had a splashing good time
at Spritzer Slide the City in Johor Baru
The terrain in the park at Hutan Bandar MPJBT, which features natural rolling slopes, was an ideal site to hold a weekend carnival of wet and wild fun for all the family.

Organised by Monkey Theory, an international event management company, and title sponsor, Spritzer, Slide the City is a 3-lane water slide playground that originated from the United States. 

Since its debut in the US in 2013, Slide the City has developed a huge worldwide following.  More than two million people in major cities like Japan and Hong Kong, as well as Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan, have thrilled to the experience.  And now folks in the South also had an opportunity for fun on this wet and wild ride.

All set to slide, armed with tubes, water guns and
even a selfie stick to capture shots of their slide ride!
“Initiating something like Slide the City, which has never been done in Malaysia, certainly came with its own challenges but we truly believe Malaysians would enjoy such a unique event,” said founder and chief executive office of Monkey Theory, Leong Delon.

“It’s a real joy to introduce Slide the City to different cities in Malaysia as we would love to make this event accessible to as many people as possible,” he added.

In line with the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme, Spritzer Slide the City in JB invited 60 children from local orphanages and care homes to enjoy an unforgettable sliding experience.

The slide ride was operated in two “waves” – one in the morning and the other in the afternoon – to allow different groups of people to enjoy the slide.

A brave young participant on the Dunk Me! seat
Besides providing fun and games, the organisers gave top priority in the participants’ safety and responsibility towards the environment.  In this regard, the waterslide was designed with safety in mind and minimal water loss in their use of recycled water.

The entire experience was organized in an orderly fashion for maximum safety and fun for everyone.  Some 5,000 people, made up of students, parents with young children, adults – both local and from abroad – enjoyed the Slide experience throughout the day.

Each slide participant was tagged with a wrist band and armed with an inflated tube and water-gun before they were directed to the starting point. 

At the entrance to the starting point, participants – identified by the different coloured wrist bands – had to pause to have their wrist bands marked to record the number of each ride and set a limit to the rides were entitled to.  This was to ensure that everyone would have a turn to enjoy that wet and wonderful ride!

Excellent teamwork during the tug-o-war challenge!
During the midday break, after everyone had a rest and snacks from the food trucks, a massive tug-o-war was organized on a field and participants were roped in from anyone who was just game for some fun.

It was a game of teamwork and encouragement as passers-by and total strangers played their part to cheer the participants on as they exerted their might to pull and tug the rope together!

The carnival atmosphere was enhanced by various other fun activities like a children’s paddle pool and a Dunk Me! game where participants sat on a seat and risked being dropped into a trough of water when players hit the target which in turn tipped that seat!

Participants whose clothes were soaking wet from the slide or dunk were not overly concerned because the scorching sun and balmy breezes dried them off quite quickly!

With Spritzer as the title sponsor, Spritzer Slide the City Johor Baru was jointly sponsored by official sponsor GoPro and Le Pure Beauty & Spa with social media partners, Hype Malaysia, TanTan News and Siakap Keli while the official hotel partner was BZZ Hotel.  The event was supported by Tourism Johor.

For more info on Slide the City Malaysia, visit Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/slidethecitymalaysia/.

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