Yee Sang on-the-go

Aware that diners may wish to enjoy a relaxing festive meal at home but don’t want to miss out on the prosperity Yee Sang dish, Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour offers Yee Sang on-the-go in convenient takeaway platters.

Executive Chef Amirudin Jaafar [Left] with
Chinese cuisine sous chef Chua Jin Hong, with
their range of Yee Sang creations
To brainstorm on creating Yee Sang platters with a difference, Executive Chef Amirudin Jaafar called together his culinary team led by Chinese cuisine sous chef, Chua Jin Hong, weeks ago and they worked hard to present an exciting Yee Sang menu.

Yee Sang, the Cantonese phrase which literally means raw fish, is a salad created by four local chefs in Singapore as a symbol of prosperity and good health for the lunar new year back in 1964 when Malaysia and Singapore was still one country – Malaya.

It was a dish designed for businessmen who wished to toss the salad to great heights, an act which is believed to augur well for greater prosperity and wealth in the coming year.

As such, this activity is known as Lo Hei or a prosperity toss!

Originally, Yee Sang was eaten on the seventh day of the first month in the new lunar year but now, due to its popularity, many restaurants serve this dish throughout the festive season. 

A serving of Yee Sang topped wit Alaskan King Crab
Chef Chua is rather modest about the range of Yee Sang that are artfully presented in various interesting sculptured designs.

When asked which is his preferred choice?  He replied without hesitation, “Alaskan King Crab!”  That’s because in Johor, it’s only available from Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour this festive season.

In a preview of the five varieties of Yee Sang, I had the privilege to watch how the chefs arranged the base items on the platter and then added the high-value ingredients as its distinctive topping.

While Yee Sang platters usually use fish like wolf herring, the two types of fish offered here are Salmon (RM 88) and Tuna.

There is even an option for Vegetarian Yee Sang topped with luxurious slivers of Korean Snow Pear (RM88).

Yee Sang varieties on-the-go [Clockwise] Yee Sang topped with Maguro Tuna slices, Yee Sang with Alaskan
King Crab meat, Yee Sang with King Abalone slices, Yee Sang topped with Korean Snow Pear and Salmon Yee Sang
Diners may choose from the above two base platters priced at RM88 each and add-on luxury ingredients like 160 gm of King Abalone Slices (RM168), 220gm of Alaksan King Crab meat (RM78) or 300 gm Maguro Tuna slices (RM38).

All prices are quoted nett, inclusive of 10% service charge and 6% GST.

From now to Feb 15, diners may place their orders for takeaway Yee Sang with On-The-Go, at least three days in advance and pick up from their outlet at the hotel’s ground floor.

To place your Yee Sang takeaway orders, Tel: 607 – 560 4611 or send your email to:

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