Finger-licking 4Fingers good!

I step up to the order counter at 4Fingers and ask the serving team, “Does it mean that I have to eat using only four fingers?”

4Fingers Crispy Chicken is at Level 2, KOMTAR JBCC
I know they must have heard this corny question countless times so they smile sweetly and reply spontaneously with, “Yes, it’s up to you!”

My friends and I finally found a mutually agreeable date and are here at 4Fingers Crispy Chicken, opened in KOMTAR JBCC – their first outlet in Johor Baru – to have our first taste of this “cluckin’ good” chicken.

I’m particularly pleased that this recipe claims to use “No Artificial Flavouring or added MSG” and that only fresh chicken is used.

We study the menu and my friends did the counting to figure out which items to order because the Combos come with sets of Skinny Fries and Soft-drinks.

In front of the order counter at 4Fingers
For instance, 6 pieces of chicken pairs with one set of fries and drink, 12 pieces pairs with two sets of fries and drinks while 18 pieces comes with three sets of fries and drinks.

I leave them to decide on the final order but I’m sure they will pick the 4Fingers Signature wings and drumsticks in a choice of Hot and Soy Garlic flavours, to share.

The menu also offers Rice Box sets that come with choices of Wings, Drumsticks, Seafood or Tofu.

There is also Seafood in choices of Crispy Calamari and Battered Shrimps.

No Refills from the drink dispenser
Salad choices come with toppings like Chicken Katsu, Tofu Mushroom and Seafood.

I guess the 4Fingers logo - an illustration of a waving palm with four fingers – posted at the side of selected menu items indicate that it’s a “cluckin’ good” recommendation!

A side of Kimslaw and ala carte Chicken Chop are two choices we made that has the 4Fingers recommendation.

At the order counter, we are disappointed to discover that Kimslaw – house-fermented kimchi coleslaw – is out of stock. So this means we have to come back again to taste it.

After paying for our order, we are given a stack of empty paper tumblers – to help ourselves from the soft-drinks dispenser – and a wireless coaster pager.

In fast-food restaurant fashion, we distribute the empty paper tumblers to let each one pick their own choice of soft-drinks from the dispenser.

I read the signs on the dispenser that clearly state: No Refills, and remind my friends that they are not to return for more.

Collect your order here, please
I also spot a large sign that said: Pick-Up Counter, which has a little window below where diners should go to pick up their orders when their coaster pager beeps.

All around the self-service restaurant are signs posted to remind diners to do this or not to do that, like to use a little bin lined with a plastic bag to collect bones during the meal, all arranged for everyone’s convenience.

Our coaster pager beeped and two volunteers jumped up to collect our orders from the Pick-Up Counter.

4Fingers Crispy Chicken say their fresh chicken pieces are hand-brushed with flavours upon receiving our orders so I believe these freshly fried chicken would be piping hot.

So I pause a little to let the sizzle cool down before I sink my teeth into the tender taste of 4Fingers crispy chicken.

With our mouths munching, I can see our heads nodding in unison – all in agreement – that this chicken tastes incredibly good.

“Is this Soy Garlic or Hot or Mixed?” was the question that popped up while we munched and debated on which is our preferred choice of flavour.

Wet towels are provided for diners to wipe their (four) fingers
after they enjoy this delightful crispy chicken meal!
Chewing on crispy chicken and chatting away, our two platters of food gradually diminished.

And as the bone bins filled up to the brim, it appears that all the flavours seem very agreeable!

In the tradition of fast-food restaurants, we clear our table and dump the waste before leaving.

So the paper cartons and tumblers are stacked up while the plastic bags filled with bones are tied up in knots before being dumped into the respective trash bins.

As we leave, our table is ready for the next group of diners in this busy little restaurant.

4Fingers Crispy Chicken is at Level 2, Units 205/207 KOMTAR JBCC, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Baru. For more info, visit website:

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