Balik Kampung at LEGOLAND Malaysia


LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort shares the spirit of Hari Raya Aidilfitri with a typical Malaysian Malay kampung or village ambiance from now till May 21 by presenting specially curated activities and exhibits in the resort for a fun and exciting experience.


Miniature kampung houses in an
exhibit at MINILAND

At The Beginning, I was delighted to see number of booths named Balai Raya and Anjung Seri, that welcome guests to soak in the kampung vibe and join in the activities.


At each activity, Model Citizens are on hand to guide in traditional games like Teng Teng, Capteh, Congkak, Checkers and Batu Seremban, also known as Five Stones.


The resort also prepared a range of traditional clothes in batik and songket designs for young guests to Play Dress-Up in the best Raya looks and capture more memories in fun photos.


Entertaining live dance performances

From the Opening of the resort to Closing time, guests will be entertained with live performances of traditional and modernized Malay dance.


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, guests can look forward to more hands-on Special Raya Activities held at The Beginning that include learning the traditional art of weaving leaves into casings for ketupat and batik painting.


Guests at the Raya festivities will discover plenty of LEGO® magic as they experience Malaysian culture through inspired music, entertainment and activities with family and friends.


Hands-on activities at the Balai Raya booth

Among the attractions in the Raya Festivities to look forward to, is the Ziarah-menziarah at SEA LIFE Malaysia and to receive a little something sweet.


Just like when Malaysians balik kampung, guests can go from “Kampung” to “Kampung” at the aquarium to collect stamps and then receive a special treat.


This activity was designed to symbolise the Raya tradition of visiting families at their homes and to receiving Duit Raya.

Charming details in this LEGO kampung house

Guests may take part in an Aidilfitri Hunt at MINILAND, an educational scavenger hunt where guests can learn about the different types of Kampung House designs in Malaysia.


Guests who can name the five types of Kampung Houses located in MINILAND and find all the LEGO items designed as Wau Bulan, Chickens and Hibiscus Flowers, may win an exclusive LEGOLAND Malaysia themed prize.


“At LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, we believe that what sets us apart from other theme parks in the region are the experiences we give guests that leverages on Malaysia’s rich multiracial character, culture and arts.


MINILAND is now covered by canopies

We have taken a page out of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture’s (MOTAC) book and doubled down on our uniqueness to create an authentic Hari Raya experience.


We invite everyone who is keen to learn about Hari Raya influences and traditions that Malay families practice during this celebration, to join us at the resort before 21 May,” said CS Lim, Divisional Director at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.

A more comfortable walkabout in MINILAND
now covered by massive canopies

Guests (like me!) who have not visited MINILAND for a while, will be delighted to discover that the mini exhibits are now covered by a massive canopy for a more comfortable walkabout in our tropical weather.


I thought this was an excellent addition to the resort as these canopies will not only provide shade to guests but will also protect the exhibits from the elements.


As I visited MINILAND – for the first time in the shade – I could not help getting a sudden flashback to 1 September 2012 when I was among the privileged few who were visiting this spanking new resort for a preview.


Welcome to Balik Kampung
at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

I remembered that among the issues to consider then, was ways to overcome the challenges of a resort with outdoor activities, opened in our tropical weather…


LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort has come a long way since its opening in 2012 and with the canopies now installed in MINILAND, it will certainly make a major difference in the guests’ resort experience.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and welcome to Balik Kampung at LEGOLAND Malaysia.


For more information on LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort’s Back To Kampung activities, visit the official website at or LEGOLAND Malaysia social media pages on Facebook and Instagram


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