Johor to host Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023


In March 2023, Yong Peng in Johor was deluged by heavy downpours which resulted in mega floods where water levels reached to the roofs of kampung houses.


Speaking to media at the Press Conference:
Johor Menteri Besar [Left] and Niclas Svenningsen

Over 40,000 people had to flee and were evacuated to some 200 relief centers with help from the Federal government and resources from the Johor Sultan.


People living in low-lying areas were ready for the annual monsoon season but now as the weather is unpredictable with torrential rain happening frequently, many who were caught unaware, had to scramble to safety.


In the recent floods at Yong Peng, Batu Pahat, Kluang and Segamat, not only were properties damaged and livestock lost but people had also died. In addition to health threats, this climate crisis was causing much hardship to people.


Johor Menteri Besar,
Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi

The nation must start acting now to educate and empower communities with the knowledge and awareness that each one of us can contribute to building resilience and reducing hardship for everyone from now into the next generations.


In his speech, Johor Menteri Besar, Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi highlighted these incidents to remind us that climate issues like these were not far from home because it was happening in Johor as it was globally, in other parts of the world.


He was speaking to media at a Press Conference to announce with much pride, that Johor was chosen to host the prestigious Asia Pacific Climate Week (APCW) 2023 event scheduled from November 13 to 17.


This year, regional Climate Week events will be held in various regions worldwide to facilitate discussions, collaborations and knowledge-sharing on climate change and sustainable development.  


UNFCCC Programme Coordination
Manager, Niclas Svenningsen

These gatherings will bring together stakeholders including governments, businesses, civil society and academia to address region-specific climate challenges, exchange best practices, foster partnerships and showcase innovative solutions that contribute to global climate efforts while focusing on localized strategies and actions.


The four regional Climate Weeks, with Johor among the four venues, will build momentum ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai.


The Africa Climate Week (ACW) 2023, hosted by the government of Kenya, will be held in Nairobi from September 4 to 8.


The Middle-East and North Africa Climate Week (MENACW) 2023, hosted by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will be held in Riyadh from October 8 to 12.


The Latin-America and the Caribbean Climate Week (LACCW) 2023, hosted by the government of Panama, will be held at Panama City from October 23 to 27.


Media at the Question & Answer session

While the Asia-Pacific Climate Week (APCW) 2023, hosted by the government of Johor, will be held in Johor Baru from November 13 to 17.


Co-organised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023 event will be held at the Persada Johor International Convention Centre in Johor Baru.


“Johor stands united with the UNFCCC against climate change and is proud to be where policymakers, stakeholders and thought leadership convene to discuss solutions to mitigate this global issue collectively,” said the Johor Menteri Besar.


Global and Regional Partners for
Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023

In his speech, he also expressed how he was both honoured and delighted to host such a pivotal event and reaffirmed Johor’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and green initiatives.


His reference to the massive floods, forest fires, typhoons and heatwaves in this region struck a familiar chord because it was not just reported news but a sad reality to many who themselves, or their friends and relatives, have had the unfortunate experience of such horrific disasters.


He emphasized the gravity of the situation where climate change was real and its impact was already felt in Johor, so it was impossible for us to ignore the issues.


He recognised the urgency to address the climate change issues and the need to find effective solutions while learning from others’ experiences in the region.


The Johor Menteri Besar reaffirmed Johor’s strong commitment and desire to actively contribute to the solutions worldwide, not just regional but as a global partner.


In his speech, UNFCCC Programme Coordination Manager, Niclas Svenningsen, highlighted the significance of Asia-Pacific Climate Week (APCW) 2023 and said that Johor’s dedication and leadership in hosting the event would inspire societal determination in addressing climate challenges in the region.


“It is hearting to see Johor taking concrete steps towards climate action,” he said while elaborating on the importance of collaborative efforts.


“Events like the APCW foster meaningful dialogues and partnerships, paving the way for innovative solutions to climate-related challenges,” he added.


Svenningsen expressed his gratitude to the Johor government, the Johor Menteri Besar and partners like the United Nations Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei.


One for the album: Group shot at the event

He said that while climate change was gradually destroying our eco-system and the ability to produce food, the good news was that we have the technology to turn the tide through the collaborative efforts with government partners to facilitate changes.


He was pleased that the APCW 2023 in Johor this November will bring together some 2,000 delegates made up of global leaders, stakeholders and high-level government officials who will confront the pressing challenges of the climate crisis in discussions and workshops.


While the event would be centered on a serious subject, he was confident that the delegates will have a profitable time together in practical and enjoyable negotiations.


With some 150 nations represented in the APCW 2023, the Johor Menteri Besar was pleased that this would be an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas in talks and presentations, and to showcase Johor to our visitors.


Beyond its environmental impact, the event holds economic potential for Johor.


Economic growth will be stimulated by the influx of participants, delegates and visitors that will create opportunities for local businesses, hotels and service providers.


At the close of the Press Conference, he called on all to come together to combat the climate crisis and do our part to ensure that we provide a better future to our children, their children and grandchildren.


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