Ho Seng Kee City Square

The opening of a Ho Seng Kee outlet in Johor Baru City Square, marks the dawn of a new era for this Johor Baru brand of wantan noodle.

Yin, better known as Elton, at the entrance to their
JB City Square outlet
In the early 1940’s handmade egg noodles by Ho Seng, was served from a mobile stall parked outside Chuan Seng, a coffee shop situated at the corner of Jalan Siu Nam and Jalan Meldrum.  As it gained popularity, the business moved to a permanent stall set up within the shop and fans enjoyed their noodles here for more than 60 years.

Ho’s skills in making the noodles from fresh ingredients that include duck and chicken eggs, was passed down to his son, Weng, who took over the business in the 1960’s.  Still made fresh in the original recipe every day, the noodles are free from preservatives and artificial colours.

Besides operating a coffee shop/restaurant downstairs, Chuan Seng was also a hotel that occupied the upper floor.  When the property was sold in 2003, the food and beverage businesses in the shop had no alternative but to shift to other premises.

Chuan Seng, the corner coffee shop where Ho Seng Kee
noodles was first served in Johor Baru
Fans of Ho Seng Kee noodles followed them to their new location in a coffee shop at Jalan Harimau in Century Gardens.  The business, then run by the next generations in a father and son team, moved into their own premises at nearby Jalan Kanchil in 2009.

With the brand firmly established, fans of Ho Seng Kee came from near and far to savour these delectable noodles.  Very often diners from out-station would eat in the shop and order takeaways to put into deep-freeze to take home to Kuala Lumpur and even abroad to the UK!

Elton Ho [Right] at the counter of the City Square outlet
As Weng’s son, Yin, better known as Elton, helped his father serve wantan noodles to regulars, he took the business to the next level by developing a wider fan base through social media and online on www.hosengkee.com

Determined to share the unique taste of their brand of wantan mee with new generations of noodle fans, Ho Seng Kee has now increased their work-stations from just one in their previous shop to three in their City Square outlet.  

Prepared by a team of cooks and assistants, fans of Ho Seng Kee are assured that they can now enjoy bowl after bowl of tasty egg noodles that should be served within 10 minutes of receiving the orders!

Elton [Left] with two members of the kitchen team
Designed as a cafĂ©, diners at the Ho Seng Kee City Square outlet can select their noodle meals along with a range of snacks, side orders and beverages from a menu.  Just complete a simple order form and pass it to the order-takers to place your orders. 

Now you can sit in air-conditioned comfort and still taste the unique flavour and texture of Ho Seng Kee wantan noodles or kon-lo-meen [Cantonese for dry-tossed noodles], just as they were served from a push cart back in the 1940’s, at the nearby corner of Jalan Siu Nam and Jalan Meldrum.

A section of diners at Ho Seng Kee City Square

Ho Seng Kee [Non-Halal] noodle shop is located at Lot J6-07, Level 6 of Johor Baru City Square, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Baru.  Open daily 10am to 9pm.

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