Cafe in a wedding gallery

It all started when photographer, Gucci Wong, wanted to serve his clients a good meal to kick start their pre-wedding photography sessions.

Gucci Wong with Maple Berries Waffle [Left] and
Belgian Chocolate Lava (Note the side of nutty ice-cream!)
Couples arrive early at D’gio Wedding Gallery to put on their wedding finery for photography, often with stomachs growling for a good breakfast.  Wong knew he would get better cooperation and ultimately, better photos from subjects whose stomachs are filled, so he started serving sumptuous English breakfasts from as early as 7.30am.

In 2008, Wong started a bridal café to cater to this need and it evolved into Foodie Wedding, a contemporary café that has gained a firm fan base for its tasty English fare.  When the food is good and the portions and pricing are just right, word just gets around among foodie fans and that’s how I discovered this café within a wedding gallery.

Big Breakfasts

A serving of Le Breakfast is big enough to share!
As its name describes, Le Breakfast Wedding (RM29.90) is a big European breakfast created for couples to savour before their pre-wedding photography sessions.  The portion, big enough for two, comprises juicy pork sausages, streaky pork bacon, a poppy seed bagel, scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, potato tots and wild arugula salad.  This signature item remains popular with diners who can’t seem to get enough of their all-day breakfast menu!

Wong is proud that the fresh pork sausages they serve are distinctly different as they are custom-made to his recipe.  The popularity of these sausages assures diners that there is always a fresh supply to meet the rising demand.

Fragrant basil chicken omelette in a club sandwich
topped with arugula greens
Fans of eggs must try the Basil Chicken Omelet Club Sandwich (RM13.90) or the Boston Ham & Egg Roll (RM13.90).  If you have a hankering for a good bagel, why not try Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese in a poppy-seed bagel (RM17.90)?  

But if you wish to, Build Your Own Cereal (RM15.90), there is also a range of dried fruits, nuts and cereals to pick and mix into your cereal breakfast that comes with a choice of fruits – banana, kiwi fruit or strawberry - toppings!

Popular Picks

Wong, the photographer turned foodie, tells me about his Hakka-Hainanese parents and the recipe he inherited from his mother which is used to marinate the Roasted Pork Chops (RM25.90).  

Tasty serving of Porky Spaghetti
This portion of pork chop is served on a bed of mashed potatoes with a side of roasted tomatoes, grilled mushrooms and broccoli florets.  Just as in the Le Breakfast Wedding, a side sauce is provided but the food tastes so good that I didn’t need the sauces!

If you like less meat in your meal, then pick the Warm Bacon Honey Balsamic Salad (RM13.90) which is a refreshing meal with a neat balance of meat and greens.  Another popular choice is the Porky Spaghetti (RM17.90) which is tossed in a generous sprinkle of chopped ham.

Chicken & Mushroom pie with a side of arugula greens
Diners with a big appetite will not say “No” to the serving of Roasted Chicken Chop (RM19.90) made from a juicy drumstick, served on a bed of scrambled eggs with a side of greens.  On the other hand, the English Chicken & Mushroom Pie (RM17.90) served piping hot from the oven, is a popular snack.

Sweet Treats

On such a warm day, I cannot resist having a refreshing sip of Lassi (RM13.90) made with homemade yoghurt and fresh fruit.  Wong said they use seasonal fruits in addition to the banana and kiwi fruit choices and when he mentioned mango is available, I jumped at it!

Smoked salmon and cream cheese in a poppy-seed bagel
Maple Berries Waffles (RM16.90) served with a side of ice-cream and maple honey, is another popular item for breakfast but it’s also a delightful dessert.  A serving of Belgian Chocolate Lava (RM16.90) also comes with a scoop of nutty chocolate ice-cream and I’m looking closely to identify its flavour.  Wong is smiling widely at my curiosity and explains that their ice-cream is packed with dried fruit, nuts and cereals, to give it a unique Foodie Wedding flavour.

Private Parties

Wong, who is passionate about photography, is usually engaged with photography assignments on weekends but during weekdays, he is happy to host private parties and events for a minimum of 20 guests.  Recently, a regular couple at Foodie Wedding held their wedding anniversary party here and Wong enjoyed catering for their meal and taking their event photos.  Then he surprised the couple by presenting them with a meaningful video that he compiled from the candid photos he shot during their celebration!

Warm bacon honey balsamic salad
He shows me an album of photos where friends, family and corporate groups held their events here, enjoying the food and ambience within the wedding gallery.  When I’ve finished my hot cup of Roasted Hazelnut Latte (RM9.50), Wong takes me on a tour of his studio and I discover that he’s a vintage guy who is a collector of ancient artifacts which he creatively uses as photography props.  He’s also a collector of vintage Vespa scooters, Mini and Volkswagen cars which he keeps at home but that’s a subject for another story!

Foodie Wedding (Non-Halal)
43, Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Baru
Tel: 07 – 333 3223, 333 6223

Daily 7.30am to 9pm
Closed on Tuesday

By road from city centre via Jalan Tebrau, exit to Jalan Serampang, the road that divides Taman Sri Tebrau and Taman Pelangi.  Foodie Wedding is housed within D’Gio Wedding Gallery.

Facade of Foodie Wedding cafe within a wedding gallery
at Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau in Johor Baru
All-Day English breakfast and more

Le Breakfast Wedding, Roasted Pork Chops, Porky Spaghetti, Warm Bacon Honey Balsamic Salad and their signature nutty ice-cream that comes with a choice of desserts

No corkage and service charges but GST applies

Contemporary and cosy lifestyle café

High chair
Kids’ crockery and cutlery
Smoking area
Credit card facilities

Unisex toilets marked with Girl/Boy symbols on doors

Attentive and unobtrusive, English-speaking staff

Go give it a try

A version of this was published in The New Straits Times, Life & Times on 14 Dec 2015

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