Tony Roma's now opened in Tebrau City!

As Tony Roma’s celebrates its 10th anniversary, this casual-dining family restaurant recently opened its 12th outlet at AEON’s largest shopping mall in Tebrau City, Johor Baru.

Tony Roma's is now opened in AEON Tebrau City!
I’m told that this latest outlet in Tebrau City is also its largest, with indoor and covered outdoor seating spaces.  Situated on the ground level of the recently renovated new wing of Tebrau City, Tony Roma’s also has a convenient entrance from the outdoor carpark.

Since its arrival in Malaysia a decade ago, Tony Roma’s has gained loyal fans of its juicy barbecued ribs, steak and seafood. 

With eight outlets in the Klang Valley, one each in Malacca and Kuching, this new opening at Tebrau City will join the one in KOMTAR JBCC to make two outlets in Johor Baru.

Outdoor covered dining area at the entrance from the
mall's outdoor carpark
I was overjoyed when the first Tony Roma’s opened in KOMTAR JBCC.  Now with its second outlet in Tebrau City, it gives me yet another destination to enjoy Tony Roma’s signature dishes.

In Malaysia, Tony Roma’s is not just a place for ribs as the menu has expanded to include a selection of seafood, steaks, chicken, lamb, salad, sandwiches and burgers along with appetizers and mini desserts – all served suitable for Muslim consumption.

Tony Roma’s, a recognizable brand for its famous beef ribs, has now added lamb ribs to its menu.  So non-beef eaters and lamb-lovers can also savour these amazing lamb ribs!

Muhammad Adam Mah presents an Onion
Loaf which is made from a Spanish onion
I soon learn that barbecued lamb ribs is a creation of Tony Roma’s brand general manager, Muhammd Adam Mah (AKA Godfather!), who is also an experienced chef and restauranteur.  The man himself comes over to introduce dish by dish as the menu is served.

I’m familiar with the menu and privately wish they will serve my favourite Kickin’ Shrimp salad but the waiter comes along with their equally famous Onion Loaf.  This sweet and crispy creation is made from whole Spanish onions and savoured with a smoky flavoured barbecue dip sauce.

A chef recommended salad, Tony’s Asian Salad, made with fresh chopped Asian greens, diced red peppers, cilantro bits, crispy strips of fried wonton skin noodles, sesame seeds, topped with grilled chicken and flavoured with sweet Thai chili sauce, is served with a side of Pan-Asian dressing.

“This will remind you of the taste of yee sang,” said Adam who graciously helps to drizzle the dressing onto the salad.  

The Asian Salad which tastes quite like yee sang!
And while I crunch through the crispy wonton skin noodles and vegetables, I agree that the salad certainly hints of the familiar yee sang flavour but I must say the grilled chicken meat is incredibly tender!

The appetizers paved the way for the main course and with a palate eagerly anticipating the meat servings, a waitress joins us at the table with a set of Tony Roma’s signature hot sauces.  She presents each of the four flavours on a saucer and leaves it on the table for us to sample.

These signature sauces are designed to complement the meat flavours but some diners (like me!) think that the barbecued ribs taste so good that I can eat it on its own – without any additional sauces!

Before the ribs are served, the staff approach our table, each holding a plastic bib and helps to fasten it round each of the diner’s necks.  I understand some of the sauces, which are made with molasses, may leave stubborn stains on fabrics so wearing a bib is just a precaution for messy eaters.

Bountiful Ribs with a side of Ranch style beans and fries
As I sink my teeth into its juicy fall-off-the-bone tenderness, the taste of Bountiful Ribs, glazed with Tony Roma’s original barbecue sauce, is exactly as I remember it.

I think Adam overheard my “mmm…” of satisfaction as I set aside the bone and reach for the next rib.

Adam urges me, “Use your hands!”

That’s because they have a wash basin within the outlet for diners who wish to use their hands, to conveniently wash their hands.

It’s a small wonder that Tony Roma’s Lamb Ribs is so popular with diners who enjoy lamb because I can taste a hint of lamb aroma which makes lamb so distinctly delicious.

Lamb Ribs with a side of greens and loaded mashed potatoes
The ribs are served with a portion of loaded mashed potatoes.  Yes, the delicious mash is made from real potatoes loaded with beef bacon, parmesan cheese and chives.

After using the meat knife for a while longer, I decide to follow Adam’s suggestion to use my hands.  So I’m holding the ribs and chewing the meat off in quite an unladylike manner!

My only concern is someone (who knows me!) spotting me chomping away because I’m in full view of shoppers passing the restaurant! 

Tony Roma's Dessert Trio with three mini desserts
But as I ignore the onlookers and carry on eating, I’m not letting this thought deter me from thoroughly enjoying my meal.

After such a satisfying meal, there is indeed very little room left for dessert.  But Tony Roma’s dessert menu offers a Dessert Trio where diners can sample three mini desserts in one serving.

When I see the trio of Red Velvet Cake, Raspberry Brownie Royale and Shortcake with Strawberry sauce, I realise that their mini is not quite mini after all. 

But it certainly is a pleasant sweet ending to another delightful meal at Tony Roma’s!

Tony Roma’s is located at G-112, Ground Floor, AEON Tebrau City, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Baru.   For reservations, Tel: 607 – 351 0749.

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