Star Wars' 40th at Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia Resort hosted the largest Star Wars 40th anniversary celebration in Asia with the biggest Star Wars Imperial March in the region, last Saturday.

Lego Star Wars Days are here again at Legoland Malaysia!
At 9am, the sun was brilliant in the cloudy sky. I spotted many Star Wars fans clearly identified by their character costumes among the crowd gathered at the resort entrance.

Wearing a hooded gown in solid black, the event Master of Ceremony, Malaysian TV personality Nazrudin Habibur Rahman, told the audience in an amplified deep voice that today he would be known as Darth Naz.

As the event was about to start at 9.30am, the sky turned overcast but a light drizzle did not deter die-hard fans who stood their ground, waiting for the Imperial March to start.

Unveiling the portrait figure of the
toughest rebel in the galaxy, Princess Leia
The event kicked off with a dance routine by the Dancing Stormtroopers which also featured a few moves by the cute version of the Dark Lord, the Lego Darth Vader.

The largest celebration for Lego Star Wars Days at the resort was launched by State Tourism, Domestic Trade and Consumerism Executive Councilor, Datuk Tee Siew Kiong.

Together with Legoland Malaysia Resort Director of Operations, Casper Bonavent, they unveiled a portrait figure of Princess Leia, created in Lego bricks as a tribute to the late Carrie Fisher who is best remembered by her role as the People’s Princess, the toughest rebel in the galaxy.

The stage was then set for the much anticipated Imperial March by over 100 costume characters in the largest Star Wars Parade of the region.

They came from galaxies far, far away – gathering at Legoland Malaysia Resort – from Singapore, cities in Malaysia and other Asia-Pacific nations, to show their allegiance to either the dark or light side.

The Dark Lord, Darth Vader leads the Imperial March
Decked out in screen-accurate costume replicas, I recognized characters like Jedis, Stormtroopers, Princess Leia and even a Chewbacca as well as a variety of villains – in all (ahem!) shapes and sizes.

The Imperial March was divided into three; the first with familiar characters from the original Star Wars series followed by A New Hope characters and saving the best for last, the final group of the kids’ version of Star Wars characters.

The threatening rain seemed to echo the vibe as the most recognizable (at least to me!) Star Wars character led the Imperial March into the event area – Darth Vader – who stood an impressive head and shoulders above the rest!

Get close enough and you can even hear his
distinctively breathy breathing tone!
Throughout the event, the Star Wars music theme by John Williams was played to create the right mood and now its loud strains perfectly matched Darth Vader’s bold strides.

Later in the park, when I came face-to-mask with Darth Vader, I marveled at this fan’s attention to detail because his outfit came rigged with a distinctively breathy breathing tone!

As the massive Imperial March paraded and paused to pose for photos, the rain was forgotten as the crowd surged forward for a closer look and to snap photographs of the colourful characters.

It's her parents who dressed up this little Princess Leia,
who came complete with a drag-bag designed as R2D2 !
It was simply fascinating to see how these devoted fans went all out to dress to the hilt in replica outfits as their favourite Star Wars characters for the Star Wars 40th anniversary celebration in Asia.

The celebration continued at Lego Star Wars Miniland, the only indoor Lego Star Wars Miniland in Asia, for guests to experience a special live storytelling of memorable scenes from the epic space saga – exclusively for the month of May.

Star Wars fans not only enjoyed an exciting experience at Legoland Malaysia Resort but were also thrilled by the exclusive deals on newly launched Lego Star Wars Classic merchandise, only available here during Lego Star Wars Days.

 I also came face-to-mask with this Shadow Stormtrooper!
For a minimum spend of RM300 on Lego Star Wars Playsets, shoppers will receive the coveted Lego R2D2.

For purchases of RM100 and above of Lego Star Wars Playsets, shoppers may redeem an exclusive Lego U-Wing Fighter.

Purchase of the ultimate Lego Star Wars Death Star will entitle shoppers to receive a free Lego Star Wars Kylo Ren Command Shuttle worth RM599.90.

Planned with a variety of entertaining daily activities for the whole family, Lego Star Wars Days are on from now till end May 2017.  Join the Jedi Academy and go on a Star Wars Trivia Hunt to find clues and answer the quiz. 

A model of a Lego R2D2 
Have you noticed how the resort crew members wear a badge as a name tag? I also noticed that some of them have mini-figures attached to the badge. So keep your eyes peeled for a Stormtrooper mini-figure on a crew badge and when you find it, you can redeem a prize on-the-spot!

For two more weekends, May 20 & 21 and May 27 & 28, guests at Legoland Malaysia Resort can look out for Star Wars characters and capture a photo memento with them. Spot Lego Darth Vader as well as characters like Princess Leia, the Jedi and Stormtroopers, who will be happy to pose for photos with you.

For more info on promotions and activities, visit Legoland Malaysia Resort’s official website on and stay connected with the resort via social handles Facebook and Twitter to find out more on online about Lego Star Wars Days activities and promotions. May the force be with you!

Every fan's dream - a selfie with Darth Vader! 

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