Hard Rock Desaru Coast welcomes Yuna

“I refuse to be star-struck,” I repeat this phrase as a reminder to stay cool when we (the media) meet with Yuna in person – not for a show – but for her to introduce her personal item contributed to Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast.

Yuna signing the Memorabilia Donation Agreement
at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Hard Rock International is renowned for its more than 80,000 pieces of memorabilia contributed by local and international stars and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast already has exhibits of more than 30 pieces of such items.

Now Yuna, Malaysia’s very own singer and songwriter, will proudly take her place as the first Malaysian artiste to contribute a personal item to the hotel to join this priceless collection of dazzling memorabilia!

Yunalis Mat Zara’ai, better known as Yuna, became a star when her music posted on Myspace, achieved over one million plays.

Yuna, sharing her story about her blue cardigan
In 2011, she signed a music contract with Fader Label which launched her musical career to a worldwide audience.

Her collaboration with American recording artiste, Usher, in her 2016 single, Crush, peaked at Number Three on the US Billboard chart, an achievement which earned her international fame.

I join media colleagues gathered at The Constant Grind, a coffee place on Level One of Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, to await the grand entrance of our star, Yuna.

To make the wait more comfortable, I was invited to enjoy the taste of one of the most popular hot beverages served in this café, their Ripple Coffee, a delicious creamy latte.

“Mmm … the Ripple Coffee tastes rather good,” I tell myself as I take larger sips, one sip after another.

Yuna and her blue, long velvet cardigan
Hotel general manager, Yogeswaran Veerasamy or Yoges in short, comes over to say, “Hello,” and we exchange pleasantries while waiting for everyone to be ready.

Suddenly there is a flurry of excitement and I hear the announcement that Yuna is on her way…

“I refuse to be star-struck,” I tell myself again, concerned that I might be swept along with the excitement of meeting such a talented star.

And here she is. Yuna in person, escorted into the café while she pauses to shake hands with fans and she finally takes her place on a high-stool, next to GM Yoges.

Seated next to GM Yoges, is Hard Rock International, Regional Director of Marketing Asia Pacific Hotels, Vince Kobler.

After a brief address by GM Yoges, the floor was given to Yuna for her to share with us some background info about her personal item selected to present to the hotel – a blue, long velvet cardigan.

That's me with Yuna, Grace and Florence!
Yuna pointed to this item of clothing, displayed on a mannequin, and explains that it is one of her favourite outfits which she wore during her US Tour in October 7, 2016, in Masquerade, Atlanta.

I can understand how particularly meaningful this is for her because during her show, Usher joined her on stage for an impromptu performance!

As part of the formalities, Yuna was then invited to sign a document, the Memorabilia Donation Agreement, to officially contribute her personal item to the hotel’s collection.

So this special outfit from Yuna will join the exhibits in Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast for fans to enjoy the story behind this blue long velvet cardigan.

Then Yuna was also invited to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Ripple Coffee and the star happily cooperated to pose for photos with her coffee and her fans.

I watch as groups of people take their turn to capture a photo memento with her and then I hear the announcement that Yuna will now pose for her final photos.

Yuna enjoying the taste of freshly brewed Ripple Coffee at the Constant Grind, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Not willing to miss this golden opportunity, I keep my starry eyes on the camera while we pose together for a photo memento of my own close encounter with Yuna, our Malaysian star, at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast.

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