Escape into a Skyscape adventure!

I last met Afiqah in April 2017 and when she got in touch with me again in early July, I was intrigued by her invitation, which was to have a Skyscape experience!

View of Jalan Wong Ah Fook through the glassy Sky Bridge;
[Guess which socked foot is mine?]
She introduced me to Skyscape @ Menara JLand, Johor’s first aerial entertainment space that features a range of high-tech indoor fun attractions for the whole family, the highlight of which is a thrilling outdoor walk along the Sky Bridge.

Telling me about it was certainly not enough so she encouraged me to have my own exciting experience soon.

I know it would be more fun as a group so I invited my thrill-seeking friends along for the experience.

Once we had agreed with Afiqah on a date and time, we reminded each other to dress appropriately – no skirts please – and to bring along a pair of socks, preferably socks with anti-slip soles to wear and walk comfortably on the glassy surface of the Sky Bridge.

[In the event anyone failed to bring along their own, Skyscape anti-slip socks are available for sale at only RM5 per pair.]

Look out for floor stickers that point
towards Skyscape @ Menara JLand
Afiqah told me that there were directional signs to point visitors to Skyscape @ Menara JLand from the Johor Bahru City Centre mall carpark but I thought it was best if we entered Menara JLand through its Ground Floor lobby.

So I headed to the ground level of JBCC mall.

Close to the JBCC Information counter, I spotted a sticker on the floor with arrows that guided visitors to exit JBCC mall, turn right and walk towards the adjacent Menara JLand.

At the Ground Floor lobby of Menara JLand, Afiqah welcomed us with her sweet smile and led us to a wide poster to introduce the various sections in Phase One of the Skyscape entertainment space and briefed us on how best to maximize our two-hour session.

She explained that each session would allow 10 persons to enjoy the facilities, limited to two hours, so that everyone should have enough time to enjoy their own experience.

Meanwhile, in an area located next to the ticketing counter, a variety of games were programmed into the Floor Interactive Games to keep us amused while waiting for the previous group to complete their session.

At Ground Floor lobby, check out photos of two views of
Johor Baru city by day and by night, from the Sky Bridge
It was a fun warm-up session as we interacted with the music and light effects on the floor and challenged each other at playing the Floor Interactive Games.

Before going into the elevator to zip up to Level 34, Afiqah invited us to join her for their official photographer to snap a group photo as a souvenir of our visit here.

At Level 34, the entrance to the Skyscape area was through a cool LED Tunnel designed with strobe lights that flicker to the rhythm of throbbing music.

The visual effect of this Tunnel was quite stunning as we posed for photos here but for our friends who may be photosensitive, it was a quick walk-through to reach the next section to play the Virtual Reality (VR) Games.

Afiqah giving us briefing before our Skyscape experience
The staff manning three separate darkened cubicles were on hand to help us put on the VR headset and guided us in using the relevant equipment to play these adrenalin-pumping games.

Outside the cubicles, three screens lined up in a row, mirror the screens within the cubicles so that others (outside) may observe and join in their thrills and spills.

While the screens were fun to watch, the experience was to a much lesser intensity.

Watching the exciting sequences only encouraged each one of us to take our own turn to immerse ourselves into the thrill of riding the rollercoaster, skiing on snowy slopes and fighting off zombies!

Enjoying a VR game within a cubicle
Exhausted from playing these thrilling VR games, we were then ushered into the Mini Theatre where we flopped down on comfy bean bags in front of a wide screen to chill out and watch an informative video on interesting Johor destinations.

After a few minutes of respite, we were rested and ready for the next exciting challenge: to defy any threat of acrophobia – extreme or irrational fear of heights – because it was time to walk the Sky Bridge.

The staff directed us to remove our footwear and store them in shelves provided before putting on our anti-slip socks.

Meanwhile Afiqah gently reminded us to secure any loose items or risk having them blown off by sudden gusts of wind.

The staff manning the Sky Bridge pointed to the poster for us to read the list of Do’s and Don’ts and assured us that we would have sufficient time to enjoy the outdoor experience.

So with socks on, bags zipped up and tudung pinned down, we exited the door to the Sky Bridge, some 149 meters above ground.

Watching a video in the Mini Theatre
Whipped by warm breezes, it took a while before I found my footing to slowly navigate the glassy surface to reach mid-way of the entire length of the Bridge.

With my eyes firmly on the panoramic view of Johor Baru city (I reminded myself not to look down!) I fearlessly made my way to the center of the Bridge.

Then Afiqah invited us to pose for a group photo (again?) but this time on the Sky Bridge while their official photographer snapped away.

While all our eyes were focused on smiling for the snapshot, something happened under our feet…

Visitors, please observe the Rules and Regulations here
We were all (except Afiqah!) unaware as one of the retractable layers of glass we were standing on, quietly retracted so that we could see right through the glass to the ground below!

Suddenly, the excitement shot up several notches and even the bravest among us, quite involuntarily… reached out and wound his/her hands firmly around the guard rails.

Once we got over the surprise, the courageous ones continued to pose for photos, we-fies and touristy-trick-photography, not just standing up but also seated down.

And one even wanted himself to be photographed lying down!

An unforgettable Sky Bridge experience in Johor Baru!
All too soon, our time on the Sky Bridge was up.

The staff ushered us off the Bridge back into the lobby where we exchanged the socks for our footwear before moving into the Observation Deck to enjoy another view of the city but this time, through glass walls.

We were informed that this lofty level doubles up as an Event Space for corporate or private events to accommodate from 30 to 180 guests.

Our exit from Level 34 would take us through the souvenir shop where we may buy exclusive Skyscape merchandise.

A view of Johor Baru city with Singapore in the horizon
It was also an opportunity to buy our group photos that looked rather irresistible, beautifully mounted on a cardboard Skyscape souvenir folder as well as within a keychain.

At the souvenir shop, admiring our group shots
Observing our satisfied smiles, Afiqah assured us that we could expect more exciting adventures in Phase Two of Skyscape that would include fun with holograms, augmented reality, interactive wall & 3-Dimentional modelling and views through telescopes. Wow!

So with sweaty brows, fast-recovering wobbly legs and quivering but happy hearts, we returned to earth and reluctantly left Skyscape.

Skyscape @ Menara JLand is at Ground Floor and Level 34 of Menara JLand, Johor Baru City Centre (JBCC), Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, 80000 Johor Baru.

Opening Hours: Daily 9.30am to 10pm, with the last admission at 8.30pm.

A lovely souvenir of our most memorable Skyscape experience, right here in Johor Baru!
Tickets categories are for Adult, Child and Senior Citizens above age 60 with reduced rates for MyKad holders.

For enquiries and ticketing info, Tel: +607 2888 722/ 2888 723 or send email to

For more info, visit website:

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