Raising a glass (or two!) at MacGregor's


It was Happy Hours at MacGregor’s when I arrived and even before I could see them, I heard them.


MacGregor's Irish Pub is on the street level
of Zenith Lifestyle Mall at Jalan Wong Ah Fook

Patrons within this friendly fun pub were clearly happy, a welcome sound especially after somber months of lockdown due to the global pandemic.


Situated on the street level of the Zenith Lifestyle Mall, guests seated on bar stools at matching tall tables in the outdoor section of MacGregor’s were enjoying a view of the promenade designed along Jalan Wong Ah Fook, the city’s main street.


Since the reopening of the economy, MacGregor’s has been a favourite watering-hole for regulars and sports fans who would meet here to watch exciting live Premier League games on television screens, strategically positioned for the best views.


Alfie Barthelot created a cocktail dubbed,
Purple Rain

Among the popular snacks to savour with drinks must be Spicy Chicken Tenders, MacG Nachos topped with a choice of either minced Beef or minced Chicken, and fried chicken wings like Mac’s Honey Wings and Devil’s Wings.


The Beverage menu boasts a choice of wines, spirits and beers, but I was at there for a taste of the new concoctions created by the man behind the bar, Alfie Barthelot.


After weeks of preparation, Alfie was ready to impress us with his skills in mixology so our group was there to have our first taste of his creations of Modern Cocktails, Mocktails and even a Flaming Cocktail.


Alfie measuring out ingredients on his jigger

We gathered in front of the bar, all eyes on Alfie as he started to build each mocktail and cocktail for our viewing pleasure followed by pouring each drink into shot glasses and serving it for our individual tasting.


We watched as he deftly handled a jigger to measure a recipe of spirits, juices, syrups and sodas to create a non-alcoholic Mocktail dubbed, Grapefruit Guava Punch.


As its name describes, this was a refreshing fruit punch that featured the tangy taste of grapefruit tamed by the juicy flavour of pink guava with a dash of dry ginger ale.


Straining the cocktail mixture
from shaker for Devil's Own

Alfie’s cocktail creation dubbed, Purple Rain, pays tribute to the legendary Prince and his band, The Revolution, for his 1984 masterpiece by the same name.


Using his trusted jigger, Alfie measured out his recipe of ingredients into the shaker for a thorough shaking. And as the mixture was poured into a tall glass tumbler, I could see that he had indeed created the colour purple, according to its namesake.


When I heard that the next cocktail was Passionately, I guessed that it must have earned its name from the nutritious tropical fruit we call passion fruit.


True to its name, this fruity cocktail with a flavour profile of the passion fruit, was garnished by a wedge of this fruit.


Alfie with his creations [R to L]
Grapefruit Guava mocktail,
Passionately, Purple Rain and
Devil's Own cocktails

We were told that Alfie would demonstrate the flaming cocktail when the evening got darker – for the best effect – so we watched him complete mixing a final cocktail dubbed, Devil’s Own.


After shaking the mixture and pouring it through a strainer, he presented it in a long-stemmed cocktail glass topped with a garnish.


Setting a drink on fire to heat it up briefly before putting the flame out and drinking it, is usually performed at the table in front of the patron for the wow effect.


[This technique is practiced by trained professionals so we must NOT try it at home!]


So when the sun had set, it was time to be impressed by the demo of a serving of the Flaming Lamborghini.


Setting aflame the 
Flaming Lamborghini cocktail

While it was delightful to watch, setting the spirits in a cocktail aflame also helps to burn off some of the alcohol and will caramelize sugars to create a more palatable drink with creamy and smokey tones.


Alfie was wreathed in smiles, quietly pleased at the successful close of the event.


“There are no shortcuts,” he said about achieving satisfactory results in his work.


“Just work hard, be patient, stay consistent and never give up,” he added.


Drop by at MacGregor’s to say “Hello!” to Alfie and he will pour you the perfect pint and peg, always served with a friendly smile (…behind his mask!)


MacGregor’s Traditional Irish Pub is located at #G-06 Zenith Lifestyle Mall, No. 82-C Jalan Trus, 80000 Johor Baru, Johor.


Open daily from 12pm to 12am. No pork or lard are used in these premises.


Lunch Promotions from 12pm to 3pm; Happy Hours from 3pm to 7pm. Live music entertainment starts after 8pm daily. Tel: +607 – 266 3732.

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