Authentic Johor cuisine at Dari Dapur Selasih


Dari Dapur Selasih, the theme for the menu presented by Selasih Restaurant for the breaking-of-fast this Ramadan, when translated to English simply says, From the Kitchen of Selasih Restaurant.


A section of diners helping themselves from
the Dari Dapur Selasih Ramadan buffet

Diners who are familiar with the original menu at Selasih Restaurant will remember the authentic taste of dishes that best represented each Malaysian state, including Laska Johor, a dish with a Royal origin in Johor.


At the food preview, I was pleased that an authentic serving of Selasih’s Laksa Johor was in the forefront of the array of Johor specialties featured in the Dari Dapur Selasih Ramadan buffet spread.


A serving of Selasih's Laksa Johor

This Ramadan, diners who are homesick for Johor specialties may satisfy their cravings with a menu inspired by familiar recipes in Johor Malay cuisine that will not only tantalize tastebuds but also give them a much longed-for comfort and taste of home.


The culinary team have drawn on their collective experience to create a menu of appetizers, main course dishes served from live-cooking stations and a hot buffet, to savour with steamed rice as well a range of desserts and a choice of refreshing drinks.


Diners helping themselves at the Laksa Johor stall

While the dining hall within the cosy restaurant may not accommodate many tables, the layout for this Ramadan buffet extended across a section of the lobby of the Persada Johor International Convention Centre.


The buffet continued outdoors from the restaurant to an alfresco section where live-cooking stations served Roti Canai with Dhall gravy, deep-fried items like fried banana, fried sweet potato and samosas, and freshly grilled sticks of Otak-Otak as well as Beef and Chicken Satay to savour with peanut sauce.


Diners patiently wait for their turn at the buffet

From the way diners were making a beeline to the stall that serves Laksa Johor, it was proof that this dish was a hot favourite for many.


A separate stall served typically Johor dishes like Lontong along with Chicken Rendang and Serunding or meat floss made from Chicken and Beef.


Freshly grilled satay as well as a choice of traditional steamed rice staples like lemang, ketupat and ketupat palas were presented for diners to savour with peanut sauce.


Topping a serving of Satay, lemang and ketupat
with scoops of peanut sauce

From the long queue snaking across the dining hall, meat-lovers patiently waited in line for their portion of the Johor-style Kambing Kuzie (roasted lamb) and Kambing Panggang (grilled lamb) to savour with Nasi Beryani (rice).


Another stall popular with diners, served traditional Ramadan favourites like steaming hot Bubur Lambuk and Sup Daging Berempah, a rich beefy soup brewed with spices, carrots and potatoes for diners to add on their pick of portions of oxtail.


In the Appetizer section the buffet had a choice of preserved dates and a range of fresh green salads and traditional mixed salads like Kerabu, as well as ingredients provided to make-your-own salad for Rojak Petis and Gado-Gado.


Tempting choices of jellies,
puddings, cakes and pastries

There were also choices of local crisps like keropok and kerepek along with pickled fruits to whet the appetite for more food from the hot buffet.


Among the dishes in the hot buffet were Ayam Sambal Limau Purut (chicken), Daging Lada Hitam (beef), Udang Tumis Bawang (prawn) and Pucuk Manis Lemak Keledek (vegetables).


It was good that the spread included a number of non-spicy items like Hainanese Chicken Rice and Pasta served with a choice of sauces, for diners who may wish to savour non-spicy options.


There was also a range of hot beverages like Coffee and Tea and thirst-quenching cold drinks to choose from.


Sup Daging Berempah, Oxtail Soup

Finally, the eye-catching array of cakes, tarts, jellies and puddings were designed to tempt while an assortment of local kuih and sweet broths vie for equal attention.


Don’t miss the fresh-cut fruits among the desserts and that station inside the restaurant for your own shaved-ice creation to end your meal sweetly. Selamat Berbuka!


Dari Dapur Selasih Ramadan Buffet will be served daily from 6.30pm to 11pm at Selasih Restaurant, the Persada Johor International Convention Centre from March 24 to April 20, 2023.


Rate at RM88 nett per adult and RM50 nett per child aged seven to 12 years and seniors aged above 60 years.


A section of diners at the lobby of Persada
Johor International Convention Centre

Take advantage of Early Bird price for Vouchers bought from now to March 22 priced at only RM77 nett per adult and RM38 nett per child aged seven to 12 years and seniors aged above 60 years.


In the spirit of Ramadan, RM2 from each buffet price will be donated to a chosen Tahfiz centre.


Two-day advance orders are required for minimum order of two Takeaway Boxes at only RM25+ per box that contain steamed white rice, soup, fish, chicken, egg, vegetables, otak-otak, kurma (dried dates), drinks and cakes.


Private Dining Iftar packages also available from only RM75++ per person for a minimum of 300 persons, hosted in the Persada Johor International Convention Centre.


Selasih Restaurant is located on the lobby level of the Persada Johor International Convention Centre, Jalan Abdullah Ibrahim, 80730 Johor Baru, Johor.


For enquiries and reservations, Tel: +607 – 219 8789 or send email to:


For more info, visit webpage:

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