Fun stays at LEGO Friends rooms


Families at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort will not only meet the new generation of LEGO® Friends characters in the park but may continue their experience with hotel stays in rooms designed in the LEGO Friends theme.


There was even a tree to climb in the kid's
section of the LEGO Friends room

In 2019, my friends, Wei Leng and Florence, and I had the privilege to share a park experience with a most memorable overnight stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel.


This was followed by many more visits to the park for various events including being introduced to the new generation LEGO Friends, namely Autumn, Paisley, Liann, Nova, Olly, Leo, Aliya and Zac, in March 2023.


As these dynamic characters embark on their school adventures in Heartlake City, they exemplify distinct personalities and interests that foster a sense of inclusivity and representation during playtime.


Bunk beds with a pull-out
trundle bed for up to three kids

And here we are again at LEGOLAND Malaysia to enjoy the miniature models at Amazing Malaysia Miniland and visit LEGOLAND Hotel to see the recently refurbished rooms in the LEGO Friends theme on Level Two of the hotel.


As a cherished part of the LEGOLAND Hotel themed rooms, the LEGO Friends rooms join the beloved PIRATE, KINGDOM, ADVENTURE, and LEGO NINJAGO® themed rooms at LEGOLAND Hotel.


From October 6, families and fans can immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Heartlake City as they play and stay in these enchanting LEGO Friends rooms.


Designed to cater to modern-day adventurers, the revamped LEGO Friends-themed rooms offer a fantastic opportunity for guests to embrace the spirit of friendship while indulging in a unique and unforgettable experience.


A box below the television
holds LEGO bricks for hours
of brick-building fun

Each LEGO Friends room has two distinct sections, specially tailored to accommodate adults and children.


The spacious and comfortable king-sized bed ensures a restful night for parents, while the separate children's area provides a lively setting for up to three youngsters.


The kids' area boasts a delightful bunk bed, pull-out trundle bed, and a dedicated television that ensures endless entertainment and comfort for the little ones.


A box designed below the television is filled with LEGO bricks, provided for the youngsters to create their own masterpieces in the comfort of the room.


While the bricks may look familiar, this collection of colourful bricks in the LEGO Friends room has the distinct difference of having unique lavender-coloured bricks among them.


A large poster for doodles and writing notes

Meanwhile, a large poster in the parents’ bedroom is specially provided for young guests who enjoy drawing doodles and to write out a precious memento of their stay.


To add more in-room excitement, children are welcome to anticipate unlocking a hidden treasure chest within their room by completing a puzzle that will help to reveal an exclusive LEGO® Gift that will surely spark their imaginations and creativity.


As LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort remains committed to providing exceptional and one-of-a-kind experiences, CS Lim, Divisional Director at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, shared his enthusiasm for the new rooms. He said:


Complete the puzzle for clues
to unlock this treasure chest!

"The LEGO Friends themed room at LEGOLAND Hotel embodies the values of friendship, individuality and diversity that are at the heart of the LEGO brand.


We are excited to bring this experience to our guests, allowing them to have a blast while learning about the importance of inclusivity and camaraderie".


"We believe in creating memories that last a lifetime, and the LEGO Friends-themed room is another step towards achieving that goal.


By continually introducing fresh attractions and innovative offerings, we ensure that each visit is brimming with excitement and novelty," he added.


In the spirit of friendship and togetherness, guests now have the opportunity to make more memories and strengthen their bonds while sharing the magic of the LEGO Friends characters with loved ones.


So don't miss out on this extraordinary experience. Just secure your booking for the limited LEGO Friends-themed rooms at Friends Premium Room | Hotel | LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort.


For more information about the LEGO Friends-themed rooms and promotions, fans can follow LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort on Facebook and Instagram.

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