MINILAND Amazing Malaysia at LEGOLAND


As its name implies, Miniland is an attraction in LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort where the exhibits are presented in a showcase of miniature tableaus.


Back to Nature in Sarawak creatively
crafted in LEGO bricks

The newest attraction here dubbed, MINILAND Amazing Malaysia, was launched in September 2023 and the completed exhibit was recently unveiled to the media in an exclusive event.


Crafted with over 1.38 million LEGO Bricks, MINILAND Amazing Malaysia is a tribute to Malaysia’s rich heritage and a testament to the resilience of the country’s tourism industry.


Divided into sections that honor East Malaysia, West Malaysia and the South China Sea, this exhibit invites guests to explore the 381 square-meter LEGO wonderland in miniature that feature 126 meticulously crafted LEGO models.


Canopies provide shade for
the comfort of guests here
Designed in intricate detail, these LEGO creations that transcend generations, aim to attract interest and inspire guests to explore the real-life wonders they discovered in miniature form here.


Among the exciting scenes presented in MINILAND Amazing Malaysia were familiar landmarks at historical Melaka like Jonker Walk, the Clock Tower and A’Formosa fortress.


Meanwhile the Georgetown skyline was outlined by the towering KOMTAR building which was made at the height of 350 LEGO bricks while the Batu Caves and Ipoh were designed within limestone hills.


Look out for the Nature attractions in Sabah and Sarawak and check out the many scenes that were created with live animation located at various scenes in the exhibit.


Interesting animations happen at Miniland
at the push of a button

Some of the interactive highlights were buses and trucks that moved along tracks, lion dancing, Wayang Kulit or shadow puppet dancing, sailing boats and other interesting animations that will happen at the push of a button.


At MINILAND Amazing Malaysia, guests will be transported into the heart of Malaysia with more than just enjoying a visual delight but also an educational journey.


By exploring the interactive displays, guests may get glimpses into local legends and Malaysia’s rich cultural tapestry that fosters a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the nation’s heritage.


A typical tableau at Batu Caves
during religious festivals

As I observed our media partners and other guests while they explored the attractions in MINILAND Amazing Malaysia, I could not help but felt rather emotional.


This was because Miniland in LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is now covered by a series of gigantic canopies to protect guests and the displays from the scorching sun and seasonal rains so people may now stay outdoors in relative comfort in our tropical weather.


To me it was simply a fulfillment of what was discussed at the groundbreaking event for LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort in 2009.


You see, I was among the media who witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony to kick off the construction of LEGOLAND Malaysia on that brown field and I distinctly remembered that among the issues discussed in the Q&A session was the park maintenance and keeping the park comfortable for guests in our tropical weather.


Welcome address by C S Lim

Many LEGOLAND fans have had the privilege to enjoy the park at locations with cool climates so it was like being outdoors in natural air-conditioning at LEGOLAND opened in Denmark, England, California, Germany and Florida. But with our tropical weather, it would certainly be a different park experience in Malaysia.


I also remembered the response from the LEGOLAND representatives who said that they will address these issues and build canopies across the park to keep guests comfortable.


So it was momentous (at least to me!) that in October 2023, what was mentioned in 2009 during the groundbreaking ceremony, officiated by the then Johor Menteri Besar, was finally a reality at MINILAND in LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.


When I met with CS Lim, Divisional Director of LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort and Director of Sales & Marketing, Thila Munusamy, under the canopies that shaded MINILAND Amazing Malaysia, I did not hesitate to share my sentiments with them.


MINILAND Amazing Malaysia can be
enjoyed by children of all ages!

"At LEGOLAND Malaysia, education and entertainment go hand in hand. MINILAND Amazing Malaysia was created with the LEGO DNA of learning through play in mind.


This is so learning becomes an adventure as guests explore the meticulously crafted scenes depicting Malaysia's past and present essence,” said CS Lim.


“Families can marvel at the intricate LEGO creations, participate in collaborative building challenges, and build memories that will be cherished for years to come.


It is hoped that guests will get a taste of Malaysia's wonders with this one-stop visit at LEGOLAND Malaysia, sparking the desire for more adventures within Malaysia, and in turn boosting the nation's tourism," he added.


The team of cool LEGO Model Builders who
made LEGO magic happen at Miniland

The MINILAND Amazing Malaysia exhibit, created by the skilled hands of the team of Malaysian LEGO Model Builders, was clearly a labour of love.


I was privileged to have a behind-the-scenes experience to see where the LEGO magic happened when I visited the Malaysian chapter of Merlin Magic Making (MMM) Studios, the Global Creative Division of LEGOLAND opened in I-Park, Indahpura near Kulai in July 2018.


So it was fun to meet with the team of cool LEGO Model Builders who were involved with the creation of MINILAND Amazing Malaysia.


A gigantic legendary croc AKA Bujang Senang 
The team included Leina Rahim, ASIA Senior LEGO Model Production Manager and Khadzlan Hairani, LEGO Project Designer, who confirmed that the task involved over 14,000 hours of construction time.


Khadzlan was happy to tell me more about the items featured in the eight streets and National Parks that made up MINILAND Amazing Malaysia.


He also shared about the storytelling aspect of the exhibit which was designed with layers to be discovered in the various scenes to discover the wealth of Malaysian heritage.


These included obscure details from Malaysian pop culture like the legend of Bujang Senang with Iban origins in Sarawak. [Hint: Look for a gigantic crocodile!]


The LEGO model of Khadzlan's family home
and the figure of a child playing inside a box!

Khadzlan was also thrilled to show me the LEGO model of his family home and the figure of a child playing inside a structure which he said was a replica of cardboard box that his brother used to play in. [He even showed me a photograph of him in that cardboard box, from his phone!]


Another fun thing to look for at Miniland is the time displayed on the Melaka Clock Tower which reads as 09.37. Why? Because when these digits were turned up-side-down, it will read as, LEGO.


So make your way to LEGOLAND Malaysia to explore MINILAND Amazing Malaysia which is set to be a landmark attraction that brings Malaysia to the world and invites the world to experience the wonders of Malaysia in charming miniature models.


For more information on MINILAND Amazing Malaysia, head over to the official website at or LEGOLAND Malaysia social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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