Legoland's Brick Fest is here again!


Brick Fest, one of the biggest events of the year at Legoland Malaysian Resort, kicks off from May to September 2024 for three epic months of non-stop fun for young adventurers, city heroes and kingdom dreamers.


Welcome to the Brick Fest at Legoland Malaysia

For a total of 126 days, Legoland Malaysia will celebrate Brick Fest from May 21 to September 22 to provide endless fun and adventure for LEGO fans of all ages.


“At Legoland Malaysia, we believe in the transformative power of play,” said Divisional Director of Legoland Malaysia, CS Lim.


“Brick Fest is our way of creating an engaging and educational environment where children can learn and grow through the joy of playing with LEGO bricks. Together with LEGO, we are excited to help fuel young, inspirational minds to go far with their imaginations,” he added.


Young guests joining in the fun while
they watched The Explorer's Story
at The Beginning Stage

So plan ahead to explore three unique LEGO worlds:


Be an Explorer from May 21 to June 30 and embark on an Egyptian expedition to uncover ancient treasures and build magnificent LEGO pyramids or cats.


Be a LEGO City Hero from July 1 to August 11 and join the LEGO City Police or Fire Department and train with the LEGO academy to help restore peace to the city.


Be a Kingdom Fan from August 12 to September 22 and create your own castles and swords, and get your spot in the Royal Parade dressed in your mightiest knight outfit or glittering princess gowns.


On your arrival at The Beginning, go to the Redemption Booth to collect your Activity Card to see the Mission of the Month and then embark on your special mission to redeem rewarding prizes.


Deeply absorbed with his LEGO build
at Fun With Crafts, The Beginning

When I arrived at The Beginning, I was on time to catch the live show on stage that featured The Explorers’ Story, a lively dance with the appearance of LEGO character, The Explorer, that invited guests to Be an Adventurer.


I reminded myself to be close to the Lost Kingdom at the Land of Adventure to catch the next live performance, dubbed the Egyptian Dance.


At The Beginning, I observed many young adventurers were already busy with their LEGO Bricks Class, learning to build a Sphinx or a Cat.


Come! Try your hand at Track Attack

Other fun activities at The Beginning included the Racer’s Workshop where young guests may try their hand at the Track Attack, the Speed Build and the Build-A-Car activity.


Guests are invited to build custom LEGO racing cars and test them on thrilling tracks.


There are also booths for Fun with Crafts, a Minifigure Trading Station and even a BRICKFEST Playground for guests to explore the fun of creative play at the LEGO inspired playground.


LEGO bricks version of Pasar Siti Khadijah

Guests can make new friends and expand their LEGO collection of minifigures by meeting and trading with other collectors.


They can also be part of a Record-Breaking LEGO Domino Trail by contributing to a massive LEGO Domino trail and watch it all come down in a spectacular chain reaction.


All-day activities to look forward to at The Land of Adventure are Build-A-Pyramid, the Sphinx Scavenger Hunt where guests can discover hidden LEGO sphinxes and a Ride-And-Snap fun on the Beetle Bounce.


Listen to the slumbering soldier 
as he snores...

On my way to the Land of Adventure, I took time to explore Miniland and was delighted to discover new attractions in Amazing Malaysia like the recently added exhibit on Kota Bharu.


I was delighted to see Pasar Siti Khadijah designed in LEGO bricks as a tribute to this interesting destination in Kota Bharu where 95% of the traders are female.


With LEGO Kingdoms nearby, I could not resist heading in again.


From a distance I could hear the happy roar of voices from the rollercoaster rides and when I walked pass that slumbering soldier, I stopped when I heard his familiar snores.


“Welcome to Planet Legoland,” said the signboard outside the building that used to house the LEGO Star Wars attraction and read, build.unbuild.rebuild, their tagline at the entrance.


'Builders' of all ages are engaged in turning their
imagination into unique LEGO models to add
to the collection at Planet Legoland

And when I stepped into the air-conditioned comfort of Planet Legoland, I thought that this was another ideal spot to enjoy the Brick Fest.


Inside, groups of ‘builders’ were engaged in turning their imagination into unique LEGO models to add to Planet Legoland. But before that, they were encouraged to take photos of their creation to share it with #RebuildTheWorld.


Yes, I finally arrived at the Land of Adventure and enjoyed all the fun activities here.


To plan your own Legoland Brick Fest adventure and for more information, visit to the Legoland Malaysia  official website or social media pages, Facebook and Instagram for details, tickets, and the complete BRICK FEST schedule.

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