Raya celebration at Pulai Springs


I arrived at the outdoor terrace of Dewan Kencanapuri but did not see the reception table at its usual spot. There was no time to speculate because I was instead, ushered into the comfort of the air-conditioned hall where the reception table was set up within.


Inside Dewan Kencanapuri for the Raya 
celebration at Pulai Springs Resort

The warm weather had clearly driven the reception team indoors because it was just too hot and humid, even under the covered terrace, where live-cooking stations were already set up to grill and fry freshly-made servings of meats and breads.


Surrounded by a sea of familiar faces, their warm welcome more than made up for my initial concern on the mystery of the missing reception table…


Once again, General Manager Sunny Soo, rose to the occasion and was dressed up in Baju Raya finery, this time in traditional Baju Melayu Cekak Musang of Forest Green, matched by a shiny Kain Dagang Songket and smartly topped with a songkok in his Raya persona as one Mohamed Sani.


With GM Sunny Soo [Right] and
the charming Charlotte Monterio
for another Raya at Pulai Springs

By his side was the Resort’s charming PR Communications Manager, Charlotte Monterio, also aptly dressed in an elegant Baju Kebaya that featured a Rose coloured lacey blouse encrusted with gems that glittered with her every move.


“It’s free-seating,” said Charlotte as she gestured towards the tables arranged in the center of the hall where the buffet served from stalls, lined three sides of the walls in this large hall.


As I met media friends among the guests, a convivial Raya mood prevailed when we exchanged Raya greetings along with social chit-chat.


It felt more than good when the staff greeted me by name, probably because by now, they were familiar with me as I have been working in partnership with Pulai Springs Resort for a long, long time.


Dr Junaidi Ismail, Country Head for Malaysia
of the Qualitas Medical Group, sharing an
update about the Pulai Springs Specialist Centre

I am also familiar with the Resort’s standard of food quality and hospitality but before indulging in the sumptuous spread, I was keen to find out more about the latest development since the announcement GM Sunny made in last year’s Raya gathering about a project that aimed to meet the needs of their community.


Charlotte understood my interest and did not hesitate to tell me that an update on the project will be shared during the event. Given this assurance, I was ready to help myself to the Raya specialties and sat down to savour at leisure.


In a few minutes, the MC kicked off the event by inviting guests to participate in a game with a chance to win a prize. As guests warmed-up with the game, the MC invited GM Sunny to the podium.


A list of Outpatient Services at the
Pulai Springs Specialist Centre

Soon after GM Sunny welcomed guests to the event, he introduced Dr Junaidi Ismail, Country Head for Malaysia of the Qualitas Medical Group, who provided an update on the project to develop the Pulai Springs Specialist Centre.


I understood about this professional partnership where Pulai Springs owned the property while the Qualitas Medical Group will manage the medical specialist center.


I listened with interest as Dr Junaidi brought us up-to-date on the work-in-progress on the refurbishing of the Golf Clubhouse into facilities for the Ambulatory Care Centre (ACC) of the Pulai Springs Specialist Centre.


Dr Junaidi also discussed the
Way of the Future and the 
Investment in Future Health

Dr Junaidi discussed the concept of the ACC which will be equipped with a fully-fledged Operating Theatre to perform procedures, and unlike other specialist centers, will only have a few beds for day-care stays.


The ACC aims to provide a range of specialist medical treatments and procedures to outpatients, in medical emergencies as well as referrals to other medical specialists.


He said that the single-storey building structure will remain virtually unchanged to provide easy access and wheelchair friendly facilities.


Dr Junaidi encouraged Human Resources professionals to consider using the ACC for their staff medical needs as this specialist center aims to lower costs by reducing in-patient stays.


Currently, work was on-going for the expansion of the access road with a new road being constructed that will lead directly to the ACC lobby where patients will enjoy convenient valet services as well as patient-relations services.


An artist's impression of the facade of the
Pulai Springs Specialist Centre

Fully-licensed by the Ministry of Health, Dr Junaidi said that the ACC was scheduled to be fully-operational in just a few more months, by late 2024 or early 2025.


This presentation provided much food for thought, clearly a step in the right direction about the investment into the future of healthcare in this community.


The excitement continued when the MC took over the reins to conduct yet another fun game with the guests to win more prizes in this Raya celebration at Pulai Springs.


Pulai Springs Resort is at 20km Jalan Pontian Lama, 81110 Pulai, Johor.

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