Cool Cyclist

Andrew, our cool cyclist, all geared
up to go!
With the advent of smart phones, I’m advancing with technology, thanks to my tech-savvy nephews.  While Jamie, my English nephew is a keen cross country runner and cyclist, Andrew in Perth, Australia is also a cycling enthusiast.  On a fine day he prefers to cycle instead of going to work in the city with the Park-and-Ride system.

Using the state-of-the-art MapMyRide+ mapping technology on his smart phone, Andrew is tracking his fitness each time he rides out from home and back.  The built-in GPS on the phone enables him to view his 30-minute, 13.5km route, workout data and a comprehensive workout history. 

Recently while I was on an extended holiday and staying with him and his wife, I saw how he set off to work on his bicycle with his work clothes and smart shoes packed into a backpack.  On his return ride, he thought it would be fun to share his riding experience with his mum and me.  So he used this app on his smart phone to track his path along an interactive map and phoned into his mother’s Ipad using Facetime to show us his return route! 
Ensure shoelaces are secured...

Key in the info on the Apps...
Plug his ears with music from a favourite radio station - his being Class 95 FM, Media Corp Singapore!
While the map records essential data like duration, distance, pace, speed and elevation, I was just fascinated at how we, at home, could follow him on his route as he rode home.  It was as if we were riding on his handlebars – with the smart phone – as he rode up crests and cruised down slopes, with views of the road, pedestrians and vehicles close to his path.  Not only can we see what he saw in his way, we also had his “live” commentary as we chatted with him!

Riding with him en route home from the city through Facetime on the Ipad!

Home again after a day at work in the city!
Our cool cyclist!
So enthralled was I in joining him on his bike ride that I was pleasantly surprised when he suddenly said, “Open the garage door!”  Because he was already home! 

Now when he shares his route with us on Facebook, I can “see” how far he is riding and recall the fun we had together when we joined him on his bike ride via Facetime!


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