It's Exclusive!

Peggy [Seated] with my sisters,
Ruby [Right] and Pearly [Left]

If you are reading my blog regularly, you will notice that since mid October, my original material are now listed under a new category we call, Exclusive 

Creating Exclusive will enhance your reading pleasure as it allows you better access to what you want to read in Peggy Loh – My Johor Stories.

Now you can go directly to Exclusive for exciting snippets, travel tales, reflections, behind-the-scene photos and other juicy stories that you will not find anywhere but here. 

Here's a peek at what you can expect to see in Exclusive:

Because this is rare in Malaysia, it’s a whole new experience for me to hold an orange that’s still hanging on the tree!  Travel tales:  Interesting travel experiences with more photos

Behind-the-scenes:  I’m seen here, chatting with a Dutch couple who built, own and run The Lily, a Dutch Windmill in south-western Australia

A platter of Brussels sprouts with juicy bacon chips, stir-fried by my sister-in-law – Yum!
Tidak Halal:  My experiences in places that serve pork and alcohol! 
This is the charming chocolate mud cake my sister’s son and girlfriend made specially for her birthday!  [P.S. My eldest sister is a fan of pigs] Check out the fence on the cake made with Kit-Kat chocolate wafer sticks and the tiny piglets drowning in chocolate mud… So cute!
Reflections:  Heart-warming family stories and such

Exclusive shots:  My friends, Aidah Abd Rahman, Communications Manager with Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour, with Chris Parry

Meanwhile, the Memories, Portraits, Journeys, By The Way and Did You Eat? categories in My Johor Stories are regularly updated with my articles that were first published in NST Life & Times Travel and Streets Johor.  A comprehensive list of my published pieces can also be viewed in the Recently Published list. 

Welcome to Exclusive and Happy Reading!


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