KQ Spanish Food

Eye-catching sight of giant cast iron paella pans!
At Subiaco Weekend Market in Perth, Australia, there is a collection of food stalls that sell fresh and cooked food.  Among the cooked food choices are stalls that serve Spanish paella, French pastries, Indian breads, Italian pasta, Malaysian rice and noodle favourites, and even a halal Malaysia food stall for satay, rendang and briyani rice. 

While browsing around the food stalls, the first thing that caught my eye at KQ Spanish Food was their giant cast iron pans!  With several cast iron pans displayed on their sides in front of the stall, they are a striking showpiece and certainly attracted my attention.  And when I stepped closer, I saw similar gigantic pans filled with varieties of paella, generously topped with ingredients – fragrant and ready for delicious takeaways.
Kamal Alfaro at KQ Spanish Food, Subiaco Market, Perth
Come meet Kamal Alfaro, a chef with culinary experience in South America and Spain.  He now runs K Q Spanish Food, a food outlet that specialises in paella and tapas catering. 
Kamal serving an order for Seafood Paella
On that wet and wintry morning at the market, the taste of his flavourful paella was just what I needed to warm my stomach!

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The sight of the giant pans and paella is so eye-catching that they are such a magnet for photography enthusiasts and Kamal has even put out a little bucket which he labeled, Tips for Photos!

For more info about KQ Spanish Food catering and events, visit website: www.kamalsquarter.com.au


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