Book 2 at Le Grandeur Palm Resort

I’m ready. Armed with my signing pen, I arrive at Le Grandeur Palm Resort to meet with my friends in the resort to autograph their bulk order of my book, My Johor Stories 2: Interesting Places and Inspirational People.

The team at Le Grandeur Palm Resort with my book,
My Johor Stories 2: Interesting Places
and Inspirational People
My book sequel will join Book 1, My Johor Stories: True Tales, Real People, Rich Heritage, which the resort has placed in their hotel suites for guests’ reading pleasure.

When I went to the resort to autograph Book 1, Reservations Manager, Anne Yeap, told me about how my book was enhancing their guests’ stay.

I remember how I was deeply encouraged when Anne shared an experience on how regular guests in their Allamanda Suite, Mr & Mrs Thompson, were enthralled by the culture and heritage stories in my book!

At the lobby, Personal Assistant to the General Manager, Lynn, ushers me to the Iswhara – the dining area close to the swimming pool – and her colleagues joined us there.

Chef Ravi [Right] and I chatting
I’m pleased to meet friends like Senior Executive Chef Ravindren Retnam, also known as Chef Ravi, F & B Manager, Md. Nadzirin A. Wahid (AKA Toin), Daphne Ng and Anne again.

In a while, the resort’s Art Director, John Yong, also arrive and he’s ready with his camera to help with the photography.

As Chef Ravi flips through the pages of Book 2, I pointed out a few personalities featured under Heritage Trades which I know, he’s also familiar with.

This is because Chef Ravi is also a true-blue Johorean who grew up enjoying the food served by these heritage traders.

I turn the pages and take the opportunity to introduce Chef Ravi to the FOLO Farmers – featured under Portraits – and explain how kitchen waste can be recycled to create “black gold” to cultivate pesticide-free vegetables.

He seems interested in the prospect so I encourage him to discuss this initiative with the hotel management on the possibility in partnering with FOLO Farms.

Autographing my books at
Le Grandeur Palm Resort
Then the resort would join the expanding number of hotels and resorts who are contributing their kitchen waste to the farm’s waste recycling project.

It’s the year-end holiday now and the resort is hosting regular guests and groups who are in-house for annual holidays and retreats.

I know these groups should be heading over to the café for lunch soon so I should get on with the book-signing and leave before they arrive.

So while I autograph my books for the resort, the others are discussing the next site for their photography session with my books.

It turns out that the decision is unanimous. We are going outdoors to the pool-side for the resort team to pose for a few shots, with my books.

As the others head to the pool-side, Anne tells me that she just realized that the Thompsons – who happen to be in-house again! – are in fact, also by the pool!

Chief Financial Officer, Tan Kok Leong [Left]
and John Yong [Right]
So while John and his colleagues decide on a variety of (fancy!) poses together, my eyes stray across to where Mr Thompson is seated on a deckchair while Mrs Thompson is in the pool!

As soon as Anne approaches Mrs Thompson (she was still in the pool!) to inform her that I (the author!) was there, I joined Anne by the pool to have a quick chat with both, Mr & Mrs Thompson.

It was rather awkward for Mrs Thompson – who was immersed in the pool up to her shoulders – but she kindly commented about how she was enjoying my book that was in their suite.

I mentioned that I was at the resort to autograph my Book 2 and assured her that Anne will very soon, send a copy over to their suite for her reading pleasure.

It’s simply uncanny how the Thompsons should be there while I was at the resort but it’s all good.

As for me, it just made my day to meet readers who truly appreciate My Johor Stories!

The team at Le Grandeur Palm Resort with my book; My Johor Stories 2: Interesting Places and Inspirational People
[Left to Right] Toin, Anne, Lynn, Daphne and Tan Kok Leong, Chef Ravi [Seated]
My Johor Stories 2: Interesting Places and Inspirational People, is now available from MPH bookstores nationwide and online via

The resort, located at Jalan Persiaran Golf, off Jalan Jumbo, 81250 Senai, Johor is an integrated golf, leisure and business destination comprising Palm Resort Golf & Country Club and Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor. Tel: +607 – 599 6000. Website:

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