Hurrah for the Moscow Circus!

It’s just a few more days before 2018 is over and it’s also when the Moscow Circus closes its season at Puteri Harbour, Johor.

Come to the Moscow Circus, at Puteri Harbour
If there’s one thing you should do with your friends and family before the year is done, it must be to watch the live performances in the Moscow Circus!

Johor Baru has seen its share of live circus shows and I can still remember the thrill of watching the Chinese brand of circus, Tai Theen Kow, so long ago… which also featured a few barely alive animals.

Thankfully, there are no live animals performing in the Moscow Circus.

I’m glad the skillful performances by trained and talented artistes, more than make up for the thrills in a traditional circus presented under the Big Top!

A section of the crowd outside the Big Top
The Moscow Circus is presented by UEM Sunrise and the site adjacent to the Promenade at Puteri Harbour is where I find the Big Top for the Moscow Circus with the Ticketing Counter nearby.

At the entrance, the fragrance of freshly popped pop-corn hits me hard as there are stalls selling circus souvenirs, fluffy puffs of candy-floss and of course, pop-corn.

The muted lights, strings of ropes and odd structures within the Big Top, somehow evokes memories of Barney and his pet monkey, Miranda, and their mystery adventures woven within circus stories, written by Enid Blyton.

The Moscow Circus is presented by UEM Sunrise
Fast-forward to the final act of the Moscow Circus and I must express my feelings of deep satisfaction for a well-worth-going-to live circus show.

I’m not alone in this as I can see from the smiling faces, seated in various sections of the audience that reflect the same thoughts and feelings!

After months of working hard on my book project, I must confess that it was a pleasant evening of relaxation and entertainment at the circus.

So I must commend UEM Sunrise for presenting Johor folks with such professional, wholesome and quality family entertainment, almost right at our doorstep.

A section of the audience to my Left
I liked how the interludes between each act were filled by the antics of a pair of talented and entertaining clowns who kept the audience totally engaged WITHOUT any dialogue!

Their invitation for audience participation was also a classic way of keeping eyes away from center-stage where the team was swiftly changing the set for the next performance.

There is a child in every adult and these clowns successfully kept everyone engaged and entertained between each act.

One of my favourite acts must be the Quick-Change illusion show where the skilled artistes switched their outfits almost in an instant!

A scene from the Quick-Change illusion show
This is quite mind-boggling especially when I know how long some people take to change their outfits…

And when I saw the Master Juggler, I laughed even louder because he reminded me of myself!

At that point, I was coordinating the arrangements for my book launch event for My Johor Stories 2: Interesting Places and Inspirational People, and was keeping tabs on all those responsible – making sure all the balls are kept flying in the air - to ensure that everything was done properly and on time for the event!

The Master Juggler in action
From Roller-Bladers, High-Wire artistes, Spinning Acrobats to Russian Swing artistes, there is always something to keep the adrenaline pumping throughout the entire show!

All right. 

I will not be the “spoiler” and say too much about the show but instead, urge you to seize this opportunity to enjoy live circus entertainment at the Moscow Circus.

Show times are at 8pm every night from Tuesday to Friday, and three shows each on Saturday and Sunday, 1pm, 4.30pm and 8pm. The circus is closed on Monday.

The season for the Moscow Circus in Puteri Harbour ends on 1 January 2019, so hurry!

Go to website: for more ticketing info and check out the great deals which includes a Happy Family Package for four where you enjoy 50% off Rear Bench and Rear Seats when you buy for four people!

A section of the audience to my Right
Get your tickets to enjoy the Moscow Circus while it is still here! Hurrah for the circus!

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