Good fun at Trickeye Museum & K Digital Park

Chased by a T-Rex, stalked by a ferocious tiger, just about swallowed by a great white shark or meeting King Kong atop the Petronas Twin Towers…

Johor Baru Collective Media (JOCOM) members
at the entrance to Trickeye Museum in JB City Square
Exploding volcanoes, rushing waterfalls, discovering a sunken treasure or riding a sledge pulled by a team of handsome huskies…

All these exciting scenarios and more are designed across 16,000 sq ft of space in the Trickeye Museum and the K Digital Park.

Then I learnt that “K” is for Korea, the country of origin for the fun and entertaining learning K-Culture through robotic rides, building activities in the Art Block Room and Korean street food and goods in the Digital Park.

This Trickeye Museum Johor Baru is the first graffiti version Trickeye Museum in the world’s first museum that uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create optical illusions for everyone to enjoy.

An exploding volcano seen through the smartphone screen
using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology application
This family-fun destination at Level Five of Johor Baru City Square is one of the latest attractions in the city for the enjoyment of children of all ages.

I say children-of-all-ages because the amazing AR activities in the Trickeye and Digital Park are bound to bring out the child in every adult!

At the lobby, my friends and I from Johor Baru Collective Media (JOCOM) are advised to connect our smartphones to the Free WiFi to download the Application, XR Museum and select ‘Malaysia.’

Then we are all set to enter the Trickeye Museum to use our smartphones to experience the AR effect against the graffiti and snap photo and video mementoes…

Play acting with appropriate actions and expressions...
The Museum is arranged with a walk-through experience starting with the Jurassic Zone that leads into the Korea Zone before the China Zone.

At every zone, the walls are painted with murals and a few photographs posted nearby give visitors some examples of what to expect and ideas to capture phenomenal photos.

After the Animal Zone, there is Malaysia Zone followed by the Kids Zone.

Nearby, a Supermoon Zone is designed within a pitch-dark room where visitors are encouraged to pose against the Supermoon as a backdrop and create an exciting silhouette.

...And this is the animated view on the
smartphone screen via AR technology!
Finally, we enter the Aqua Zone and end at the Winter Zone.

The best part of this fun experience in the Trickeye Museum is the unlimited time to wander around the space to snap as many photos or videos as we wished.

All around us, we hear chuckles and explosions of laughter as various groups are having fun trying to capture realistic shots by play-acting with the appropriate actions and facial expressions…

For the young and young-at-heart who enjoy Lego, there is a collection of Lego sets to build interesting models in the comfortable Art Block Room.

I’m told that the endless fun with Lego can keep youngsters preoccupied for hours, sometimes even while their parents were next door in the cinema to watch a movie.

Over at the Robotics section, the team is helping visitors strap themselves into the robots and guided to manipulate its controls.

A silhouette shot against the Supermoon
For safety reasons, there is a height requirement and children below 130cm may board the robot only when accompanied by an adult.

This section allows the robots to move about at random and it is important that riders who are strapped onto the robots know how to manipulate its controls.

As a matter of courtesy, riders are limited to spending a maximum of 10 minutes on their robotic ride so that others in the queue may have their turn to enjoy this exciting experience.

A while later, my friends and I regroup at the lobby and we are introduced to more fun AR activities under the Digital Kidzmaru section.

Riders enjoying their experience in the Robotics section
One of the fascinating experiences here must be the tattoos that come alive!

We are welcome to pick the (temporary) tattoo design of our choice and get it transferred onto an arm or the back of a palm.

Seen through the screen of a smartphone with the App for AR technology, the tattoo miraculously comes alive with animation and sound effects!

I watch in fascination as a butterfly lifts its wings and flies away, a volcano starts spewing smoke and fiery rocks, a couple in an embrace is dancing a whirl, and the lights on a Christmas tree is twinkling to the rhythm of a Christmas carol.

Watch that butterfly flap its wings and fly away...
For young readers, there is also a collection of children’s story books designed to enjoy through the screen of a smartphone.

And with AR technology, the characters leap off its pages in colourful animation to make the stories even more alive!

In another activity, a set of sketch paper is provided for those who are keen on colouring and designing unique patterns on outlines of a dinosaur.

When this design project is completed, it is launched onto a projected wide screen which spans across the wall in this space, to join various types of dinosaurs that are moving with sound and animation.

Characters move with music and animation through
AR technology to make stories in books even more alive!
Our experience here is just in Phase One of the park and we can look forward to more exciting AR experiences being planned in the next Phase of this family-fun destination in the heart of the city.

Trickeye Johor Baru is located at Unit 106 – 108 on Level Five, Johor Baru City Square, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Baru, Johor.

Open daily from 10am to 10pm with the last admission at 9pm.

Ticket prices are for Adult and Student/Child below age 12/Persons with Disability, while entry for seniors over age 70 and kids below 36 months old, is Free-of-Charge.

Advance booking is recommended for groups of more than 20 people.

For enquiries, Tel: +607 220 0250.
For ticket prices and package deals, visit website:

Note: Photos courtesy of Johor Baru Collective Media (JOCOM) members.

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