So fun to feel good at Amari JB

What better way for a girls’ time-out together than to be pampered from top to toe at the spa and top off the treatment by indulging in a leisurely High Tea of light bites?

The reception counter in Breeze Spa, Amari Johor Baru
When my friend and I agreed to treat ourselves to some me-time, that’s what we did
at the Amari Johor Baru recently.

With reservations made with Breeze Spa, we arrived some 15 to 20 minutes before our 11am appointment, ready to leave the city behind and indulge in our little escapade.

Parking within the building is convenient and a smooth elevator ride took us to Level Six, the lobby level of the hotel.

I’m familiar with Breeze Spa, which is located on the same level, tucked away at the end of the corridor next to the Reception counter.

Entrance to Breeze Spa on the lobby level of Amari JB
When I saw the welcoming shades of turquoise and mustard against a backdrop of grey and white mosaic tiles in the décor, I recalled my first experience here last year while I was in the hotel to autograph my books that were placed in selected suites.

The spa manager and therapists warmly welcomed us and invited us to relax on the comfortable sofa while cups of chilled blue pea flower tea were served.

While we sipped our tea, we studied the Spa Menu of treatments and considered which to pick from a choice of Breeze Signature massages and scrubs.

Chilled blue pea flower tea was served before our treatment
Under the section for Mood Massages, the list included choices that will revive and rejuvenate our bodies to feel Dreamy, Serene, Rejuvenated, Invigorated or Energised.

It was easy to pick a massage treatment designed to remove the stress and strains from my tired body and get the required rejuvenation so that I would be ready to face the world again…

I appreciate that we were each given a Consultation Form to complete and to declare if we had any recent surgery or injury, or any health condition or was pregnant.

On its reverse page, there was an illustration of the human body with instructions to mark an ‘X’ at the specific places on the body where we do not want any attention and to mark with an ‘O’ at the specific spots where the therapist should focus on.

A professional touch with a Consultation Form
for clients to complete before the treatment
I liked how the therapist also discussed our personal preference of touch pressure so that we would get the most (satisfaction/relieve/relaxation) out of the treatments.

With the forms submitted and our blue pea flower tea sipped away, we were ready.
Then the therapists escorted us to our therapy rooms – single rooms with bathroom-shower-changing room attached. 

I waved ‘Bye to my friend as she disappeared into her room and I went into my own therapy room, feeling more than ready to be pampered, revived and rejuvenated.

I stepped into the familiar bathroom-changing room with my therapist who politely requested me to change into the robe provided along with the disposable underwear.

Inside the bathroom-changing room
The robe was monogrammed with Breeze Spa on the top left breast and when I removed their pair of slippers from the tray to wear, I saw they were also labelled Breeze.

My therapist then pointed to the bell – it looked like pewterware – and told me to give it a ring as a signal that I was ready for her to come in again.

She must have been waiting outside the room door, so I gave the bell a gentle tinkle once I was ready.

In the first part of the treatment, I was invited to sit on the chair to soak my feet in a basin of water. After washing my feet and wiping them dry, she pampered them with a squirt of lemongrass spray.

It was only after I laid down on the therapy table that I could finally surrender myself to the skillful hands of my therapist.

The last thing I saw when I laid face-down, was that bowl of water with floating blossoms of flowers. I shut my eyes to the world and allowed myself to float away to the mesmerizing beat of the mood music in the background.

My feet got the attention first!
No, I did not fall asleep but was fully aware of how my therapist was working her magic with her strong fingers, knuckles, palms, elbows and forearms, drawing whorls and patterns on my back, neck and shoulders to lift out all the toxins and relieve me of the physical stress of sitting for hours, writing/typing.

When the therapist asked me to turn over and lie on my back, I vaguely remembered where I was while I kept my eyes shut. 

I was ready to have my eyes covered by an eye-pillow, but I did not expect it to feel cool. I smelled a strong fragrance that hinted of coffee and when I asked, my therapist told me that the eye-pillow was filled with lavender seeds.

She continued to gently massage my arms, palms and fingers – no, I don’t need to be pummeled – and finally she worked on my neck and face, right to the top of my head.

When the therapist gently tapped me on my shoulder to tell me that my treatment was done, the thought that crossed my mind was, “Eh? I could get used to this.”

A wonderful pampering retreat for the tired body here!
Aware that I was still floating in massage heaven, she gently whispered that she was going to prepare tea and that I should come out when I was ready.

I must have grunted a reply because I soon realized that she had quietly left the room.

After the top to toe treatment, I took a few moments to stretch and relax, and I know it wasn’t my active imagination because I could really feel the blood pumping through my veins again.

When I was ready to face the world again, I joined my friend at the sofa where we sipped warm English tea with a hint of ginger to round off our relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience.

Afternoon Tea Set at Amaya Cafe in Amari JB
It was time for lunch but as neither of us wanted a big meal, we decided on some light bites.

I don’t know about my friend, but I felt as light as a breeze as we took a slow walk from the spa to the Amaya Café for the next part of our girls’ time-out together.

Instead of a full meal at the Amaya Food Gallery, we opted to linger over a leisurely Afternoon Tea Set served with quality TWG tea.

Priced at just RM68 nett per set for two persons, the TWG Three-Tier Afternoon Tea Set served from 12pm to 6pm at the Amaya Café, was our preferred choice to continue our chillout time after the spa pampering experience.

As the waitress introduced us to the choice of TWG teas, we were spoilt for choice just listening to the range of interesting blends in fruity flavours.

While she retreated into the pantry to prepare our Tea for Two, we looked at the menu and agreed that the sandwiches, savoury items, sweet treats and the essential item – scones – would be just right for us.

Chocolate sauce drizzled over the Brownie and ice-cream
When the waitress served our pot of tea, she asked if we would like their signature Sizzling Brownie to be served now or later.

The word “Sizzling” gave me a clue and I replied, “Yes, please serve it first.”

This specialty has earned a reputation for its sensational sizzle when chocolate sauce was drizzled on the warm brownie topped with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream.

Every item on the menu was served in double portions except for this Sizzling Brownie – which was fine with us – because this single portion was easily cut into half for us to share.

With the ice-cream slowly melting on the warm Brownie, it was wise for us to savour this first before taking our time to enjoy the sweet and savoury treats on the three-tier set serving.

I remembered the small print on the menu that reminded us that it was an indicative menu with the items subject to change.

Nonetheless, the bruschetta, sandwiches, scones and sweet items presented on the three-tier set along with a separate platter of Beef Sliders, Prawn Kataifi with Mango Puree and Portuguese Egg Tarts, were more than enough for us to nibble and feel comfortably full.

The Afternoon Tea set was a fitting end to our time-out together
Chef Louis Heng, the pastry chef, did well in preparing delicate pastries like Mango Cheese Cake, Macarons and mini Madeleines.

The elegant serving of English scones baked with dried fruit added a nice touch to the traditional recipe, and I liked how they were served with Chantilly Cream, Strawberry Jam and a choice of Salted and Unsalted Butter.

When the Beef Sliders topped with caramelized onions and melted cheese quickly disappeared from the platter, it was clear that both of us found it very agreeable.

By this time, we had almost finished our meal and I had lost count of the times the waitress came to help top up our teapot.

As we relaxed over our leisurely Afternoon Tea at the Amaya Café, it not only felt good but also guilt-free to nibble these light bites after our pampering spa treatment.

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