Leisurely Sunday Brunch at Cafe BLD

I’m often at the Café BLD for dinner but I must say that the dining experience in Café BLD on a Sunday afternoon, is an all-new experience.

Live music entertainment with Sunday Brunch at Cafe BLD
With natural light pouring in through its glass walls and live music entertainment to accompany my leisurely Sunday Brunch, the atmosphere here is decidedly different.

I’m in Café BLD again to experience the Sunday Brunch, presented in a wide buffet that features local hawkers’ fare.

As a hotel popular with tourist and business travellers, Café BLD in the Renaissance Johor Baru, has earned a proud reputation for presenting a commendable range in its wide buffet spreads.

So I’m curious to see and taste what else is in store for the Sunday Brunch.

Freshly squeezed juice boosters from this Juice Bar
I’ve come prepared, armed with an appetite to taste the must-have items that locals liked to savour in a leisurely brunch.

Before checking out the buffet spread, I give some thought about what Malaysians or more specifically, Johoreans, like to have for breakfast plus lunch = brunch?

Seated in the bright and airy Café BLD with my nostrils assailed by a myriad of aromas from live-cooking stations and listening to live music entertainment, my mind wanders off to consider various popular food choices.

While I’m happy with cheese on toast, I will also enjoy a fluffy omelet.

Outdoor section of the Sunday Brunch buffet
But I have friends and family members who would prefer a warm bowl of noodles.

There are yet many who like fragrant steamed Nasi Lemak with savoury and spicy condiments.

And then there are those who will enjoy a good dosai or roti canai/prata dipped in dhall (lentil) curry and coconut chutney.

I remember a breakfast tradition typical in Muar and wondered if Café BLD ventured to provide such an unusual breakfast staple – freshly grilled satay!

The very thought of satay propelled me to my feet and I make a beeline for the outdoor section of the café to check out what is being served from the live cooking stations there.

Besides deep-fried seafood and grilled meats, I’m happy to see skewers of satay served with peanut sauce – just like how the folks in Muar will enjoy for breakfast!

Grilled satay for Brunch just like they do in Muar!
Back indoors, I take a quick tour of the buffet spread and am glad to see how the crowd has swelled in the few minutes while I was outdoors.

The writing on a chalkboard catches my eye and when I walk closer to read, I’m delighted to discover a Fresh Juice Bar where a staff is serving diners’ choice of freshly-squeezed fruits and vegetables!

He serves my pick of orange with carrots in a small tumbler and I drain the juice quickly and return the tumbler, ready for a refill a little later…

I turn around to see an Egg Station where I can place an order for my fluffy omelet filled with a choice of ingredients like grated cheese and sliced mushrooms.

Ingredient choices to go into your style of egg preparation 
Next to it, I spot a warming tureen with the sign that reads, Kacang Pool, and recognise the condiments that go into a serving of this bean-based stew to savour with sticks of toast.

Then I watch as the Indian chefs are whipping up freshly-made dosai and roti canai/prata and on the counter are dishes for diners to help themselves to a choice of dhall curry and a range of tasty chutney.

At the Noodle Station, I spot such a wide selection of vegetables and condiments that diners are spoiled for choice (!) as they pick the items to go with their choice of soup noodles.

A serving of Johor's popular Kacang Pool
Nearby are stacks of steaming trays to keep a range of dim sum warm for diners to help themselves to the little plates of siew-mai (meat dumpling) and har-gow (prawn dumpling).

I continue my survey and discover a counter for French Toast and griddle cakes (small pancakes!) served with a choice of sauces and toppings.

There is a small range of cheese on the cheese board with a selection of nuts and preserved fruits and a Salad Bar with fresh green salad.

It time for a freshly-made dosai!
To add to the Sunday Brunch indulgence, I spot slices of bread next to troughs of liver pate and fillets of own-made Smoked Mackerel and Smoked Salmon…mmm…

I’m still looking around and then I see a claypot of Sayur Lodeh simmering on a stove and next to it is the ubiquitous steamed Nasi Lemak on a warmer with a choice of savoury and spicy condiments.

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg because there is plenty more in breads, pastries and desserts and fresh fruits to choose from…

Wide choice of ingredients at the Noodle Station!
I’ve seen enough to satisfy my curiosity and now, it’s time to help myself to the generous spread provided in the indoor and outdoor sections of the buffet.

So let me retrace my footsteps back to the Fresh Juice Bar for another refreshing juice drink before I satisfy my appetite for a leisurely taste of all that I have just surveyed in the Sunday Brunch buffet!

The Hawkers’ Sunday Brunch is only available on Sundays, from 12pm to 4pm, at Café BLD.

The ubiquitous Nasi Lemak that everyone enjoys!
Nett rates at RM92 per adult and RM46 per child aged between four to 12 years old.

To add more cheer to your Sunday Brunch, there is also an option for a half-pint Carlsberg Beer or a glass of house Red Wine at the rate of RM108 nett per adult. Additional beer or wine are offered at a special discounted price.

Café BLD is on the lobby level of the Renaissance Johor Baru Hotel, 2 Jalan Permas 11, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Masai, Johor. 

For reservations, Tel: +607 – 381 3322 and +607 – 381 3475.

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